Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our 'Not So Much a Mud Room' Mud Room is Complete!

Okay, so it really isn't a Mud Room at all, but hey, we have a space we can finally use at the back door!  I first discussed my desire for a Mud Room here, and then talked about what would work in the space here

So with Alex hard at work in the upstairs bathroom, I have gotten the 'Not So Much a Mud Room' Mud Room put together!  This really wasn't anything hard to do or put together, but it really works for us and it is also nice not having a blank space anymore in our house. Also, for anyone else that doesn't have space for a Mud Room like us, I think it is a great idea for a cute entry with some storage space!

So here are the before and afters, the after pictures were taken later in the day after work, so they are a bit darker..
Here are the additions to the space: small stool from Ikea, Smith and Hawken round basket with chalkboard from Target, and wall hooks from Ikea as well.  We couldn't find hooks with cubbies that would fit our space like I wanted, but the hooks are great!  We also added some wall art we already had, like the mirror and metal charger.
Again, the 'before'

Here we added the basket and wall hooks
I love that the hooks match the wood trim we have in the house, and it will look cute in the winter with knit hats and scarves hung on it!
  I admit, I couldn't resist showing this picture, it is rare that our German Shorthair Sadie sits still for anything.  I was in shock when I tried to take pictures of the basket and she strolled up and modeled next to it!  I am in love with this basket!  I thought I would get the rectangular one, but the circle fit the space well.  The chalkboard on the basket makes it so cute!
Close up view of the chalkboard, my favorite feature!  Thinking it will say 'Boots' in a month or so (sad face).
Then the last wall...
We added the Ikea stool to the small corner  It may be tiny, but makes a big difference to us, nice to have a seat to remove shoes or set a big purse on when you walk through the door. 
Here is the metal charger we used to have in the dining room, but have relocated due to cool wall tins we found at Junk Bonanza (will blog about that soon).

I don't think we are completely done with the space, I would like to add trim to the walls, or beadboard, or board and batten walls so spruce it up a little more.  Ahh endless projects!


  1. It looks great! And I wouldn't have been able to resist showing Sadie either. We have two GSPs and they too rarely stop for anything especially pictures. You did a great job and I'm loving your blog!

  2. Great job! So much fun to personalize each of our spaces.
    I bet your wall tins are from my buddy from Missour??? He was in the tent this year and has fabulous stuff. If so, I met him late last Summer at Oronoco's Gold Rush Days in Oronoco (another great haunt to buy stuff for your house - August), and told him about Junk Bonanza. Came last year and he was in the side building and this year in the tent. FUN if it's his tins. If not, I still bet they're cool. ;) How could it not be when its vintage and tin. ha ha

  3. Very nice. I love the basket and I love how the basket is there, and you can also see the wicker chair in the next room. I like when something matches/compliments each other like that. Great job!

  4. Cute dog except, please tell me she isn't really as emaciated as she looks in that picture!

  5. Hi Nancy, no, Sadie is great! I have to admit that made me kind of sad! Sadie is very healthy, she is a German Shorthair Pointer and just turned a year old, they are very lean dogs, built mainly for hunting in fields and long runs, she hasn't hunted yet but I do take her running a lot. I think she is still growing into her bones and will continue to thicken out, but she is happy and healthy (and makes me happy everyday too, shorthairs are very sweet and cuddly!).


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