Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting a Guest Room Redo from Layla and Kevin Palmer of The Lettered Cottage, and Junk Bonanza!

What an amazing day!  I guess I have to start back where this story began, yesterday when I checked out my favorite blog (it's the Lettered Cottage if you haven't heard), I read that Layla and Kevin were in Minneapolis and they were looking for someone that needed a room redo and wanted to go to Junk Bonanza with them. 

I immediately emailed them confessing my love for their blog and how badly I wanted their help with my room, and even more so that I wanted to shop at Junk Bonanza with them!  They were also arranging to shoot a possible TV show, so we would get to have everything filmed with a camera crew, which was very interesting. I found out later in the day that they chose Alex and I to go on their adventure.
We wrote a welcome message on our antique chalkboard (which Layla loved!  I was geeked!), and I have our kitchen nook project here.

Layla and Kevin arrived bright and early at 8:00am today. I got to snap a photo with them in my kitchen, so fun! 
Here are some photos of the crew filming me when I welcomed them to our house.
Here we are at the Junk Bonanza with our fun press badges!  Alex loved the junkin' too!
And here are some pictures of us shopping the junk!  We knew we had to look for a new nightstand/ night table, but other than that we needed some fun new decor! 
We kept our eyes peeled and found perfect items for our room that we knew we would love (with Kevin and Layla's skilled junkin' eyes of course), and trusted that Layla and Kevin would put everything together to make the perfect room with that "Lettered Cottage" feel that we love!
Alex found some really neat metal item that I thought would look cool as wall art, so we started to dig through to find some with just the right weathered look.  Turns out they were grave markers from Iowa, kind of creepy, but we think it's pretty cool, so we got those too!
We split up for a bit to cover more ground, Alex found a booth with some really neat items, it was called The Artique, they have a store in Anoka.  I think we bought a lot from them, the number one item being an antique dress form, it is something I always wanted and Alex scoped it out and surprised me with it, so sweet!  We also got some more antique crates for our kitchen, I love those!  Alex and I definitely want to visit their shop soon!  Here is a picture of me with the owner and my new crates!
And before leaving we had to take a pictures with the fun sign!  After that we headed home to see Kevin and Layla work their magic on our "Lettered Cottage" looking Guest Room!
Next post.... the before and afters of the room!


  1. Looking forward to the makeover and show! You are one lucky couple!

  2. Hi! I found your site from that cute little Cottage site. You know the one. :) Can't wait to dig into your blog more & btw, I love your blog title! Too cute. :)

    Psst...I see you have word verification enabled on your comments - if you go to my blog (will have to scroll down some), I explain how you can disable the pesky word verification withOUT getting spammed! :)

  3. By the way, Anoka is a cool town. Lots of great stores there. Check out the antique shops while in town, and the occasional stores are awesome too. The Loft, The French Flea, The Nest, etc. are not to be missed.


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