Saturday, June 11, 2011

Man vs. Mega Tree Stump: Part I

Alex has a personal vendetta against the Mega Tree Stump the tornado left behind.  Today he plans to destroy and eliminate the tree stump, DIY style of course.

It has been almost 3 weeks since the tornado and we haven't gotten our house, yard, or anything really fixed yet (see list and photos of damages in this post).  That is just how it goes with the insurance process.  The one thing insurance doesn't cover is tree or stump removal if it is on your property- if it lands on your house they will cover it (like the one that landed on our roof and into the Guest Room).

Since the tree stump is mostly uprooted you cannot stump grid it.  We got a few estimates from contractors to pull it out and most were in the $300-$400 range- NO THANK YOU!  Being DIY-ers we knew we could look at renting equipment and taking that baby out ourselves!  The best part?  We have lots of neighbors with the same problem, so together we can save some major $$$!!!  Alex called Reddy Rents and we found out we can get a Bobcat, truck and trailer for only $275... split that a few ways and this tree stump removal got a lot cheaper than $400.

It is pretty exciting outside right now, so I have to make this post quick.  Alex has the Bobcat fired up and in position to kiss that baby goodbye!
 Oh, and of course when he got it off the trailer I couldn't resist going for a little spin... hehe!  I LOVE heavy machinery!  I was giggling so loud in that thing when I started doing spins I think all of my neighbors heard me.  The turning radius is AMAZING! 
Yay!  Thank you Reddy Rents!
Anyway, I have to get back outside to see the action unfold!  I will follow up with a Part II of this post, hopefully we accomplish our goal!  Wish us luck, these stumps are HUGE!


  1. Looks like fun! We were up in your neck of the woods twice yesterday and bummed we didn't know your address. We got some yummy fresh goods at the farmers market and then picked up friends for a wedding in N.M. that evening. We were thinking of you and how much fun/work the bobcat would be! We look forward to seeing the progress!

  2. Oh poop Katrina! Did you send me an email? Sorry I didn't check my work email after I left on Friday, boo! I would have loved you guys to be there, it was so much fun to ride in and we couldn't get anyone else to ride in it... would have been a cool blog post too :( I will just have to email you guys my phone # so you can text me next time (although I hope we don't have a next time with stump removal).


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