Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Hello and happy Fourth of July everybody!
I'm so excited for today!  We are headed to a Twins game and then we will be grilling, eating lots of food, having some drinks, and watching fireworks tonight! 

I will also be on fire extinguisher duty, somebody really likes fireworks (I won't say who exactly)...
This person especially likes the ones from Wisconsin, you know, the kind they don't sell here in Minnesota. He and his father are even now proud members of Phantom Fireworks. Hmmm...
I shouldn't say more. Let's just say we will be having our own fireworks show tonight as well.

Be happy, be safe (don't lose any fingers), and make memories today with family and friends!  Happy Fourth of July!


  1. We are under strict drought restrictions and can't have fireworks and the city fireworks were canceled too (we are in Texas). We will be grilling though. I hope you have a great 4th!!

  2. Sorry...a day late! (I'm on "Grandee" duty and lovin' it!) Happy belated "Fourth" to my Lemonade Girl and Bobsled Boy!

  3. Hope you did not have to use your fire extinguisher expertise over the weekend.

    Here in Wisconsin we go to IL to buy the better fireworks, or I did in my younger days. Now I would be on extinguisher duty with you.


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