Friday, July 1, 2011

Head Over Heels: A Nostalgic Fourth of July

There's just something about the Fourth of July that brings forth all sorts of nostalgic feelings for me. 

 I grew up in the somewhat smaller city of Grandville, Michigan.  Every Fourth of July was nearly as exciting as Christmas for me and I even recall counting down the days leading up to the 4th when I was really young.  The city had a HUGE parade at the beginning of the day followed by a carnival filled with arts, crafts, food, a basketball tournament, and ending with a fireworks display that lit up the summer sky.  I would spend the day with family and childhood friends.  It was really a one of a kind experience.  I've never seen any other town have such an amazing day long celebration that brought everyone together.  As every Fourth of July comes and goes, I catch myself wondering what is going on in good ol' Grandville Michigan.  I hope I get to show Alex what it is like someday (since I think he is sick of hearing about it each year).

The Fourth of July probably feels special to different people for different reasons, but I would guess most of us think about all things that feel very patriotic and traditional.  I am totally Head Over Heels for the simple traditions that Independence Day brings.

Here's to true American 4th of July style.  
~ cue America, The Beautiful by Ray Charles (the Sandlot anyone?)~

Photo credits (left to right): Country Living, Green Wedding Shoes, Chippy Shabby, This Next, If Zombies Were Supermodels, Country Living, We Heart It, Imperfectly Beautiful, Country Living

-  Do you feel a bit nostalgic when the 4th of July comes around?  
-  Did/ does your hometown do anything special to celebrate?

Alex's parents will be coming to visit us this weekend for the 4th.  Sadly we still have an un-repaired Guest Room (due to the tornado on May 22), but I am really looking forward to the comfort of having parents here.  I still feel a bit sad about the tornado (and the fact that nothing has been fixed, ahem insurance) and parents still have a special way of making you feel better :)  Can't wait to see them!


  1. I love the 4th, too! My city does a big fireworks display and all kinds of celebrations tomorrow night. I probably like the 4th more than Wishing you and your family a wonderful 4th of July weekend! :)

  2. cute stuff! Of course I thought of the Sandlot! Some more of what? yay! I found out how to comment! Had to uncheck 'stay signed in' when I log in with my google account!

  3. This is our first 4th of July at our new old house but we got caught up between dressing room and master bathroom and all that trim so the decoration department is sadly lacking. I have plans (and fabric!) for vintage-style red-blue-white bunting and I hope to have it done for ...uh, the next holiday :o)

  4. Hi, I have been following your blog since Layla and Kevin did the room for you all. Love reading along on your journey. Just wanted to tell you that I am a Michigan girl too. Lived most of my life in Oakland County in a little town called Clarkston. Been away for 15 years ...still miss home.


  5. Hi Cara, thanks for being with us on the journey! I am familiar with Clarkston, I think we had cheer competitions with that school :) I sure miss home too, today especially!


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