Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shingle Samples and a Start Date!?! Oh Boy!

Guess what?!?!  Our Project Manager Curt from Dry Tech gave us the news that our building permits have been approved from the city!  Finally, we have a start date for our home repairs!!! Yessssss!!!

This Tuesday, the action is scheduled to begin in our sunroom attic. All of the insulation has to go before they start tearing things apart.  Which made complete sense to us, that blown insulation is messy stuff!  Cleaning this up after the tornado sent a tree through the roof and ceiling wasn't fun at all.
That blown insulation might as well be piles of dust, it took 3 shop vacs and killed 2 of them!!!

With a construction plan in place, our contractor informed us we needed to make a decision about the shingles for our new roof.   Then we got something fun... SHINGLE SAMPLES!!!!  Who the heck knew that would ever be fun (or that I would get so excited about it)?
The shingles we are choosing from are from Timberline- a line from GAF Roofing.  As we researched the brand we found that they have quite a few awards for their quality, look and value.  I was most impressed when I read that it won't need replacement for 30 or 40 years!!!  The product also comes with a nice warranty that can be transferred over to the next owner. 

I've never really thought about the look of our roof really.  I mean it is gray and looks like a roof, big whoop right?  Now that practically all of my neighbors have been getting new roofs I have started to notice their differences as far as shape, style and color. 

Here's the shape and style that is currently on our roof.  This was take just after the tornado with the tree still on our house, but you get the idea.
Pretty basic plain gray rectangles, right?  Again, never thought about it much before, but this is pretty darn boring looking when it comes to the new roofs I have been seeing up all around the neighborhood.

So we are pretty excited to be going with something that looks like this:
It is an "Ultra-Dimensional Wood Shake Look"- I'm loving it!
Since it imitates a 'wood shake' look I think it will give our home an extra touch of 'old' style that will fit our little 1924 Dutch Colonial much nicer than what is up there now.  We're going with Pewter Gray (the sample on the right in the 2nd photo in the post).

So there you have it, we start Tuesday and I hope to have some crazy pants demolition pictures to share next week!  I think Tuesday is going to feel as exciting as Christmas morning for us!  I can't wait, WOO-HOO!


  1. I never thought about shingles before I had to pick them out for our pool house. They are just awesome and really dress it up. One day when a pile of cash falls into my lap I want to upgrade the roof shingles on our home.

  2. That first photo ... makes me want to cry!!

    We have all white sheets/quilts/shams, etc in our bedroom. It's easy because, well, bleach is a one-time fix-all when it comes to the whites. Alas, this still makes me want to cry!

    And I would totally get excited about shingles ... as strange as that sounds! I'm a DIY guru and love myself a good home improvement project!

  3. Yes, it is nice that we get a nice new roof upgrade because of the tornado, at least there are some good things :)

    Jenn- I think I did cry when I walked up and saw that room after the tornado! I did know though that washing it would make it new again and it wasn't a complete loss :) I can't wait for the room to be whole again, all of that pretty bedding is just sitting in a pile in our office, I really miss seeing it looking all fluffy and cozy in our pretty guest room.

  4. How chic your sweet Dutch Colonial will be! There's nothing like the secure feeling of living under a new roof!

    Now that you and Alex will have the perfect roof...I better not see any ski jumping off of it this winter! HA!
    [with love]

  5. LOL Lynne! I just read that to Alex, he said "oooo, now that's a fun idea for this winter", haha!

  6. Must be a huge relief to be getting started and picking out samples, how fun!

  7. What a relief that must be for you both! I love those shingles! I never pay attention to details like that either unless someone in our neighborhood gets a new roof! LOL


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