Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In Case the Zombie Apocalypse Ever Happens....

My husband will be ready. 

I imagine you are wondering why, right?  As I mentioned yesterday, Alex worked on another project while I was away that wasn't on his original 'project list'.  We now have a...
"Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle: First Wave Counterattack Unit"

Alex turned our mild mannered Jeep Wrangler into something out of a video game complete with lift, bumpers, and giant 33 inch tires.

This photo sums up my reaction:
Now, he didn't just do this without thinking of me; Alex had three distinct reasons why he thought that this "upgrade" would be a change that I would love.  Let's take a look at Alex's twisted psyche...

Reason #1:
 Our jeep now resembles the Jeep that he had when we started dating which was dubbed "Obeasto" due to it's large tires and snorkel.
Carla & Alex circa 2006: Ugh, covered in Abercrombie and Fitch (shudder)
Reason #2:
Alex and I have been known to get excited about Zombie themed events. Who can resist dressing up like a gross weirdo?!?  I also like the challenge of trying to look dead but somewhat cute still, haha!  Here we are dressed up for the annual Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl. 
Circa 2011 - Less Abercrombie and Fitch, more "hunger for human flesh"- Alex
Reason #3:
One of our favorite places to unwind is Donny Dirk's Zombie Den. The entire place is themed after old zombie and horror films... it is so weird, cool, quirky, and we LOVE it!
So, there you go with his reasoning.  But I still don't think Zombies play much into our everyday lives... well except for now with our silly Jeep.
An artsy camera app almost makes our Jeep socially acceptable... for Alex maybe?  I still don't think I could ever drive it, I would giggle, honk and wave at people, LOL! Plus I would need a step ladder to get into the Jeep now, the door is above my hip!

In Alex's defense, he claims to have ran this whole idea by me. 
He told me all about the Zombie decals and my supposed response was "well that's cool".  I have NO recollection of this conversation.  A tip to other wives out there, even when your husband is talking about things that are zombie or superhero themed- don't zone out... always pay attention!  He might just turn one of your cars into a weapon for fighting crime or in my case, the undead.
Well, at least he is pretty excited about it, thankfully the wainscoting was an upgrade I approve of :)  Next time I leave town I will specify that only pre-approved house projects are acceptable to work on. 

Well, you already know who to call for ghosts, but if you are local here in Minneapolis you can now call my hubby for zombie issues. After all, he is part of the "first wave counter-attack unit" - I guess I should make him business cards now, haha!


  1. I love it!
    And, yes you should make him business cards.

  2. Wow this is for real? Omg I can't help but laugh, what a man. That is epic though in a hilarious way but I really don't think I could drive it either hahaha. You definitely need to make him business cards. That way too if anyone asks just hand them a business card and walk away rofl.

  3. I just laughed out loud reading this!!! I'm a little worried about all the times I tune my hubs out now...

  4. Thanks for all the fun comments, helps me to look on the bright side I guess? And yes, I will NEVER tune out my hubby again! HAHA!

  5. Absolutely loved this post! I know it's unrelated to house stuff but sometimes those are my favorites!! Alex never ceases to amaze me and continues to crack me up!

  6. Can I come over this weekend and take a ride in that? Seriously, can I?


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