Friday, April 13, 2012

Head Over Heels Friday: Hot Heels from Rachel Roy

Hope you are ready to take a break from the Hammers world for some High Heel time today because I am Head Over Heels for these hot, hot Rachel Roy pumps!!!  In fact, I love them soooo much I brought both of them home this week!  They're so fun, colorful, and full of unique details.  I couldn't resist!

I'd say it isn't a normal thing for me to splurge on two pairs of shoes, but I had a good excuse when my hubby asked about them...
On Monday I will be starting a new role at work, so I told Alex "in order to step into my new role, I needed some new heels, right?"  After rolling his eyes he agreed, ha!

Totally Head Over Heels :)

So now I want to know...

What is the last thing YOU splurged on for YOU?!?!


  1. Love them!! I never buy shoes like this because since I'm just a SAHM, I don't know where I would wear them, but oh how I love them! My recent splurge for myself was a new sports bra! LOL!! Aren't I exciting! ;)


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