Monday, April 16, 2012

A No Good Very Bad Monday Tubby

Well, things in the Hammers and High Heels house are pretty crap-tacular today for two reasons. 

1- My poor hubby is sick (and slightly crabby)
2- An unsightly water damage spot in our Dining Room was caused by a water leak
 Now for the funny part-  reason #1 listed above actually caused reason #2.  Yep, the poor sick hubby caused the water leak... which may have lead to additional crabbiness :)

I guess I will back up and tell you the whole story now. 

I got home from a pretty standard day at work knowing Alex was home and not feeling well.  I shouted "hello" to which Alex replied "hi, I'm upstairs".  I put a few things away and then walked up to our bedroom expecting to see Alex laying in bed.  Surprisingly, no Alex and, each door upstairs was open.
For reference: our bedroom is not in the picture but it's to the far left, then our upstairs bath, built-in cabinets, and our Guest Room on the right.  The bath tub hides behind the built-in cabinets

 I called his name again and realized he was in the bathroom taking a bath in our tub- weird!  Why?  Neither one of us has ever taken a bath in our tub because it's pretty little... okay like SUPER little (and not very fancy).  Alex simply said, "I needed to soak in the hot water, I don't feel good".  I felt bad for my poor hubby and went to go make him some soup. However, I couldn't help but giggle a little bit at my hubby crammed in the little tub, ha I giggle again as I type this :)
Anyway, Alex's tubby took a sour turn when I discovered that water was leaking into our Dining Room below.  I felt like a real biatch screaming at him to get out of the tub :( Nothing like water damage to make you freak the heck out right?!?  Anyway, after Alex jumped out of the tub to investigate, he determined that he must have let the water level reach past the overflow drain and the coupler holding that pipe together wasn't tightly sealed.
 So the excess water didn't go down the drain, it soaked into our dining room ceiling and quickly onto the table, chairs, and floor.  Thankfully, the amount of water was pretty minimal.
The worst part is this gross spot on the ceiling of our...
...normally very sweet looking Dining Room.  Waaaaaa!  Why!?!?
We're kind of dumbfounded for how to even fix this.  The original texture of the ceiling makes it quite complicated. Grrrr.
For now it is box fan city around here. 
The most important thing is to do what we can to dry out the floor and ceiling. Ugh, the fine glorious moments of home ownership.
So, there you have it- a no good very bad Monday caused by Alex's tubby.

  I guess the nice thing I can report is that Alex went off to bed about an hour ago.  I'm hoping lots of sleep will get him back in DIY-ing shape! 
Before he started feeling crummy he finally got a start on our salvaged door headboard project! I can't wait to share it with you soon!

I hope your Monday was better than ours ended up :) Here's to a fresh start tomorrow!


  1. Oh man, that sucks!! I hope Alex feels better soon!

  2. I'm sorry about your water leak. As much as I hated seeing the damage, I couldn't help squealing about your ceiling texture. I love it. I want it for my house. Like, right now. Squeeeee!!!!!

    Oh, did I say I'm sorry about your water leak? Sorry, I get off track easy. Hope your husband feels better soon too.

  3. In addition to the fan, you should also have a dehumidifier sitting in the vicinity of the water damage. That's the only good way to get the moisture out of areas that aren't exposed. I would run it for at least a week so mold doesn't develop. Bonnie

  4. Not sure how to fix that "hole" but to get rid of the water stain, make a mixture of bleach and water (more water than bleach) and spray on the stain - actually, overspray the edges to blend with surrounding area. You won't be able to tell there was ever a problem. This has worked for us for years!!


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