Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our Entryway Update Photos!

Ready for some fabulous 'before' and 'after' action of Alex's latest project?!?  Let's check it out!

I know we mentioned how we wanted to freshen up the appearance of our back entryway a while back.  After thinking about different options (along with Alex's experience installing beadboard and wainscoting) we thought the casual charm of beadboard would fit perfectly.  Here's how it turned out....

I know it looks like a subtle change in the photos, but up close it sure makes a world of difference for the space!

The photo below kind of illustrates what I'm talking about....  
If you look closely at the wall & paint above where the baseboard cap was you can see  bumps, cracks, and ripples... Not to mention once the baseboard cap was removed you could see how many layers of paint that have been on the walls!
Basically, the walls looked just plain junky but only toward the bottom of each wall.  Maybe it was from the combination of thick layers of paint and exposure to moisture/ outdoor elements when people went in & out over the past 80 years?  Who knows!  But I think the fresh layer of beadboard trim really helped to clean up the look and give a fresh start!

I know Alex covered a lot of the process in his last post, but here they are in a flash!  First up, removing the baseboard caps.
Then he took measurements for the top rail & beadboard panels and started cutting.  Once the panels and top rail were ready to go, he used finishing nails and Loctite Power Grab to attach to each wall.
He then used 1"x3" select pine to frame in the corners in order to make a smooth transition from the beadboard to the bare wall.
Lastly, Alex finished up the project by adding a fresh coat of paint (Behr's Polar Bear White).
Here's a few more 'afters'.
I'm loving the updated look!  But as things seem to go with any update, I'm now thinking about sprucing up the decor.  You might have guessed that was coming?  I think I need a new rug that will add a little color/ pattern along with something new for the walls?  Hmmm.... the gears are turning. 

I'd love to hear storage and decor ideas!  Please let me know if you think of any!  Speaking of decor ideas, I still need to work on our deck decor.  That to-do list task kind of got shoved aside since I was prepping/packing for my work trip.  Ugh, don't you hate being behind on your to-do lists?!?  Oh well, back to the questions....

What do you think of the update?
What should I add or change in the space?
What other ways can we add storage to this entryway?


  1. Looks great! I'm a sucker for any type of beadboard or wainscoting!

  2. I love how the beadboard looks. I vote great choice.

  3. What a darling blog you have! Love it! The entry way is adorable and I remember a stool like that when I was little. I'm far older than you my dear. I found your blog through urban farm girl. I am delighted that I did. I am going to follow you. Hope you'll visit me and do the same.

  4. the beadboard looks gorgeous. I am not loving that mirror though...could you frame out it with some trim?

    1. I totally agree! The mirror is quite bland :( I will check into adding trim or maybe something new ? :)

  5. Very Cottage Chique... You did a great job with this little remodel!

  6. Love the bead board! New outside door. Frame the mirror.

    1. I'd love a new door, we actually want new doors at the front & back entries. So far we've gathered that it could be really expensive and difficult to install. Do you have tips on installation or where to find a good door at a low price?

  7. Like your space a lot, but how about a colored frame around the mirror and a rug with a pop of the same color as the frame? You could also repaint your step-stool to match.. Just a thought...


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