Sunday, September 30, 2012

Key In Hand...

And I'm headed over to the "Old House Tale" home! Stay tuned....

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  1. Eeeee! I can't wait to hear about it! :)


  2. I can't wait! I've been wondering...

  3. I was also at the Estate Sale. A really sad place to see - it had once been so neat. Imagine the parties they must have had in that basement room!

    1. Oh my goodness I know! I can only imagine some lovely holiday or NYE party in the main living room solarium part of the house, lots of lavish dresses and food! Oh that basement room, I learned more about it. The family that lived there decorated it like a cantina because they vacationed in Cuba and loved it so much they wanted to bring a bit home. Isn't that so 40's-50's to vacation in Cuba, aaahhhh I love it!


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