Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"I Want Moose Antlers"

My husband is strangely obsessed with something new this week- Antlers.  Moose antlers to be exact and Alex is determined to make his very own set of paper mache moose antlers.


Paper mache has never looked so manly, right?  It's paper macho now, ha! Okay sorry that was lame.
Anyway, I'm not sure when exactly but this all started when I mentioned liking the paper mache animal sculptures West Elm had online and suggested we try to make our own.  
Image via West Elm
Apparently Alex thought that I was challenging him to a paper macho mache antler contest or something because he couldn't stop asking about it!  Seriously, I think I heard the following questions each day for a whole week....

"When are we going to make those antlers?"
"Did you pick up extra newspapers for the paper mache antlers?"
"Do we have wire hangers we can use for those antlers?" 
"Should we get metal wire from Home Depot to make those moose antlers?"
"I can't find any masking tape, do we have any for making the antlers?" 
"Should get extra masking tape today so we won't run out when we make the antlers?"

It was so strange... and yes annoying.  Alex couldn't seem to drop the silly moose antler idea!!!  He even searched online and found some hand-sculpted paper mache moose antlers on Etsy for $900....
Image via Etsy
... which only seemed to offend him.  I am sure the $900 Etsy antlers are very fancy, but I guess Alex couldn't get past the fact that they weren't real antlers and they were made of Elmer's glue and paper.... they only furthered his determination to make his own super fancy-pants moose antlers (still made of paper and glue). 

Anyway, it has been kind of fun watching his creation take shape since I have been lazy in the DIY department lately.  I've also never paper mached anything, so it's kind of interesting... and messy.    

Here's to hoping I don't have to get glue out of his hair later... or have to go to the store for more masking tape.  Ugh masking tape.

We'll show you how they turn out once he is finished!  
Have you made paper mache antlers? Or any other paper mache decor creation? 

PS- I informed Alex I was writing this post and he shamefully laughed at his quotes- because it was so TRUE!!!!  Haha!


  1. I never thought to make antlers. We just go walk in the woods and pick up sheds.

    1. Sheds? Hmmm... this might be a stupid question, but do animals shed antlers??? Weird! I would have to get far out of the Twin Cities to find woods where deer would be. Anyway, I didn't know that, LOL! I wonder if my hubby does?

    2. Yes, all animals with antlers shed them -- every year! Sometimes they can be broken off. You are welcome to walk in our woods anytime you want! And I think you'd be surprised at how many you could find in the wooded parks in the cities.

  2. Wow...paper mache antlers. You have peaked my curiosity.

    I have been looking for small antlers for my son's room but was worried they might scare him...he is only 3.
    I do have a turtle shell in his room that does bother him. My older children do not like it and am sure antlers will set them over the edge!

    I am looking forward to seeing your finished antlers! Good luck!

  3. Carla, that is too cute! Maybe your husband finds them manly? I say good for him to give it a try! For all the deer I have traipsing through my yard year round, maybe I could find some sheds! Time to go tramping through the woods?

  4. Loved this post! My family has always been BIG into paper mache. My little sister and her friends once paper mached a 9ft by 12ft elephant for a homecoming float! I've never thought of making antlers or using paper mache to create home decor, but I can't wait to see how Alex's turn out!


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