Friday, December 14, 2012

Head Over Heels DIY Friday: Five Handmade Gift Ideas

Hooray for Friday!!!  I don't know about you but between getting ready for Christmas and a few back to back busy work days, I am absolutely pooped!  And when I'm pooped I have a really hard time being creative... so sadly I don't have a new DIY this week.  Instead, I thought I'd share 5 DIY gift ideas that have been featured here on Hammers and High Heels.  Just click the links to see the tutorials!

First up.... a Holiday Themed Chalkboard, Personalized Family Name & Established Sign, and Holiday Linen Stripe Stockings.
 Next (and still one of our most popular posts) is my Multi-Wear Snap Scarf
And the #5 DIY idea are these oh-so-fun and stylish Tassels, they are easy to make and perfect for accessorizing an outfit or as a home decor accent!

And if none of those gift ideas help you out with your gifting list....

 A sleepy-eyed puppy under your Christmas tree is always a winner :)  Who wouldn't like that?!?! 
I couldn't help it, had to share his silly cute photo.  But hey, I guess Rocco is pooped lately too? 

I hope you got some inspiration from one of those DIY ideas... or at least felt Head Over Heels for Rocco!
I hope to recharge this weekend so I can have some creative energy for the upcoming week! 

How about you? 
Have you finished your gift shopping?
How do you balance crazy busy days leading up to the Christmas?

Now, I going to enjoy my Friday night... on the couch... like a bum... but it sounds fantastic :)


  1. As much as I love your ideas, Rocco is always my favorite when he appears in a post ;) I must admit that! :)

    We need to hit the mall today, and I am TERRIFIED. But after that, we should be done, I think!

    1. We might have a crazy cute post where Rocco is in costume :) might have to be on Christmas Day or something but I bet you will love it! Hope you survived the mall!

  2. Carla, loved your post...and am sooo going to think about making the scarfs! Can I just say how glad I am that you said you were going to sit on the couch and enjoy Fri. night? I blogged about resting some this weekend too.... enjoy!

    1. Nice! Yes, its funny that relaxing on a Friday is out of the ordinary for me when that is what weekends are for, LOL! Glad I did though, I feel so much better! Hope you enjoyed your weekend too!


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