Monday, October 28, 2013

Two Classic Characters for Our 8th Annual Pumpkin Carving Challenge!

We've been doing it since the beginning of time our blog, so the tradition must go on!  It's our 8th annual Pumpkin Carving Challenge!

Yep, Alex and I haven't had a Halloween go by without carving pumpkins together, even all the way back to our first year of dating.  We used to do it simply for the cheesey seasonally themed cute-ness of it all but with the creation of our blog and making our pumpkin carving dealio public, we had to make it a contest and let readers choose who carved the better pumpkin.  Alex and I are both pretty competitive, so we love a good husband vs. wife challenge (even if it is something pretty stupid) simply because the winner gets to be annoying bragging rights.
Thankfully for me, I've taken the crown each year starting with the "Boogeyman" in 2010, then "Chomps" in 2011, and finally my "Hee-Haw" pumpkin just last year (but man, my Halloween hair fail last year is by far more interesting than the pumpkins, I look CRAZY ridiculous!).  So, I've been able to happily gloat when it came to pumpkin carving and I think it really got to Alex because I must say, Alex really brought it this year.  I'm kind of worried, if he wins he will really be annoying gloating!

So, let the games begin!  Here's how it all went down Saturday night...
Sadly, didn't have time to go to the cute local pumpkin patch we've gone to in past years so we settled for grocery store pumpkins instead.  Who knew the selection would be so HUGE, and I'm talking pumpkin size not assortment.  I was surprised that all they had were HUGE pumpkins to choose from but it was better than sad little pumpkins.  Boy, oh boy, I just had a HOOT of a good time marveling at my giant pumpkin....
.... it wasn't until I had to scoop out all the gross pumpkin 'goo' that I realized- the bigger the pumpkin, the more 'goo' to deal with. Gross, super gross.  After about an hour and twenty pounds of bagged pumpkin guts later, we got to carving!  
Probably after another two hours of carving it was finally time to reveal our top secret pumpkin carving designs!  Here's a look at our 2013 creations... 
It's kind of funny we both went the character route, I made the Cheshire Cat (right pumpkin in photo) from Alice in Wonderland and Alex made Michael Myers (left pumpkin in photo) from the Halloween horror movies. Like I said above, I think my winning streak got to him because he knows that the Michael Myers character from Halloween totally FREAKS ME OUT!  When I saw it I said something like "Ewww you did Michael Meyers?!? I hate him!" Alex snickered and replied, "I know!" and in case you don't know what I'm talking about, it's not the actor that played Austin Powers, it's this creeper....  
Seriously, I had nightmares for a long time after seeing that movie, perhaps because I was too young when I saw it but it still scares me now, even the music from that movie scares me! 

Considering I recognized who his pumpkin was right off the bat, I unfortunately think he won this year.  But, we always go by the comments...

So, it's up to YOU! 
Who carved the better pumpkin this year?
Who gets the oh so coveted bragging rights? 


  1. I love them both! But I'd have to go for Michael Meyers! Creepy!!

    1. I know, creepy totally wins in this case. Boy Alex is pumped about his win this year, LOL!

  2. yup, I think I'll go with Alex this year. However, both are great! B.Vermaire

  3. Great job on both, but I vote for Austin Powers! Groovy.

  4. i love love love the Halloween movies so Alex takes it for me this year


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