Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Storm Seneca: The Morning After Aftermath & Why I Had a B*tchin' Good Time

Surprise!  It's snow storm #19 ya'll!!!  We, along with many other Midwestern folks woke up to the aftermath of our 19th snow storm this winter- this time Snow Storm Seneca, and she was a real monster b*tch  - But wait -  I'm not just going to complain because I had a real b*tchin' fun time in the snow this morning  More on that at the end, anyway...

We had been warned for the past couple days about a blizzard headed our way but when the snow began to fall it just didn't seem as dramatic as everyone had been saying it would be.  Even before heading to bed last night I wondered if it was going to live up to the hype.... and holy crap it did. 

Our reactions to the sight of 10 inches of fresh snow on top of the 2.5 feet we've had since November...
We're Minnesotans.  We're tough, we know snow, we know cold, we deal all the time.  But this was nuts. Stupid Nuts.  

Where did the sidewalk go?  Where are the roads?  Was there a road there or is that a park?  Or maybe it's a parking lot?  Well wait, that's what all highways turned into- parking lots.
Like everyone else that emerged from their home today, we had snow removal at the top of our to-do list. There wasn't an option really, you literally couldn't get out and about without doing some amount of snow clearing, even in tall heavy-duty boots you couldn't just wander on out unless you were up for some serious cardio.

Sadly, we don't own a snow blower, but our lovely neighbor Lisa does and boy were we relieved when she texted this morning offering it up for use!  Again, THANK YOU LISA!  You saved Alex a lot of cursing and me a lot of crying and a sore back :)

It took a while but we got ourselves out of the snow and were able to clear snow for a few of our awesome neighbors!  Alex was a real bad ass with a frozen beard behind that beast of a snow blower....
Ohhh Yea.  That's a Real Minnesotan Man.

What was I doing while the Minnesotan-Man-Machine worked to clear all that snow?
I was doing what I do best- having a real b*tchin' good time playing the in the snow with Sadie :)

Whatever game Sadie and I were playing, I guess she won.  You'll have to watch the video to see what I mean...

At least I had fun in this crazy awful winter storm situation, but I have to pray that winter is soon coming to a close.  If it doesn't, I'm seriously considering moving to Hawaii and becoming a hobo gypsy or whatever.  That just sounds like more fun than this winter crap-ola right?

Anyone else out there dealing with the Seneca aftermath?
How are you getting through it?  Or are you having fun with it like me?

To everyone dealing with Seneca right now... Stay safe, stay off the roads, and keep an eye out for others in need of help!  


  1. I Am Glad You Had Fun. But Where Was Rocko? Michigan Got A Rough Strom Too. But I Am Roughing It Out At Uncle Joe's In Shorts & Tshirt......And Sunny Plus 82°

  2. I Am Glad You Had Fun. But Where Was Rocko? Michigan Got A Rough Strom Too. But I Am Roughing It Out At Uncle Joe's In Shorts & Tshirt......And Sunny Plus 82°

  3. Oh yes...mass of snow just West of you (Watertown, MN). Haven't even attempted to leave our home since Thursday evening when we had the entire family out playing in the snow...well, maybe daddy-o was snowblowing :). But my three young girls and I were making a snow slide and having a blast! But I totally agree...wishing for spring and summer sooner than later. Enough of this bitter cold and snow!!

  4. A balaclava when using a snow blower is a MUST! I spend hours behind a snowblower and sometimes the temps are below zero with the wind blowing. Even a $5 cheapie keeps that powder off the face to prevent frostbite.

    I will be getting one of these balaclavas I found online for next year, the only bad reviews are from Nunavut and Iqaluit.

    "Living in Iqaluit, this is barely adequate on -20 days, let alone -40," and "at First I was really happy with this product, I live in Nunavut and it kept me warm during times of extreme cold. But the problem with this product is that the stitching came undone in less than a month." lol.

  5. Seriously, does your subtitle display the length and breadth of your vocabulary? One less reader visiting your blog site.

    1. I gather you are referring to the title of this post rather than my blog subtitle, correct? I apologize if the use of the B word offended you, it's never my intent to offend anyone with my writing at all and I sincerely mean that. I will say that it is always my intent to write openly, honestly, and in my own voice, meaning what you read is what you'd hear if I was speaking face-to-face with you. I write this blog and share our stories as if I'm speaking directly to a friend- not a boss, colleague, business partner, stranger, teacher, or professor so I admit my use of slang is purely for fun and not representative as a display of my "length and breadth of vocabulary". I've never written/used any flat out expletives, the B word with an asterisks (*) is about as far as I've gone and the FCC even allows that full word to be used on live TV & radio. I had no intent to leave you offended and I'd hope if you've been reading along with us for sometime that'd you'd understand the silly fun meant behind the usage of the slang term verses thinking it was meant in a vulgar way.
      Like it says by the comment box, I read everything and do take it to heart- so if you have more feedback please share here or contact me directly using YOUR name & info since all I can go by is "Anonymous February 25th, 2014 at 12:50 PM" & an I.P. address. Why did it annoy or offend you? I'd like to be able to understand more if you'll share? Otherwise, I guess I can only view your subtle attack on my intelligence as subtle act of anonymous internet trolling and we'll be fine without that.


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