Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Brining a Little Green Inside This Winter

It's a sizzling 40 degrees here in Minneapolis for the past two days!  I have to say, this heat wave makes me want to put on my short shorts, flim-flams (my term for flip-flops because anything hyphenated along with "flop" sounds sloppy), and sip a salty rimmed margarita!  I know I wouldn't actually go that far-  But picture it, Sicily Minneapolis two weeks ago it was -20.  So, this 60 degree difference feels AMAZING!   Honestly, it really does... ugh, sick isn't it?  Why do I live here again?!

Anyway, this heat wave got me thinking (and hoping for) Spring so I grabbed a couple plants to do my own mini version of indoor gardening.   I have to get all of them into their little pots but I have a couple in my cute little copper vases under glass domes/cloches on the radiator bench/cover back in the sunroom.  I think they fit nice in that little reading nook and they'll get a good amount of sun there!

Perhaps it is kinda lame or comes from the "old lady" side of me, but there is something about seeing the green and watching the plants grow that seems to help me get through this last dull/dead stretch of winter.  I guess it just makes me look forward to doing actual gardening outside in the sunshine and we'll get to use Alex's DIY raised garden beds again this Spring!

What do you do to help get through the last dull stretch of winter?
Anyone else doing some indoor gardening this winter?  What plants do you typically choose?

Thank you to everyone that gave us comments and suggestions for our kitchen paint project!  Alex and I are still debating (and that is putting the discussions lightly) but I'm hopeful we can come to an agreement on paint and get started on it this weekend!


  1. I still have my artificial Christmas tree in my living room & turn the lights on every day. I think it makes me feel like something good is coming. Besides, it is green!

  2. love the copper pots!! do you know what plants you bought? I can't wait for the weather to turn here in Chicago. I"m so done with Winter. I'm getting married in two weeks. I hope it breaks before then!!

    1. I think I got mini ferns and angle vine? I took the tags off so I might be wrong :( I am bad with plants sadly, the largest one isn't doing too well these days but the rest are okay!


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