Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kitchen Preview Photo!

I just finished up taking photos of our updated kitchen look!  Our black/white paint isn't the only new look in our kitchen now, can't wait to share it all!  I'm sifting through all the photos I took now for the full post, but here's a quick preview pic until then :)

More to come!  Hope you'll swing by again tomorrow for the rest!  

PS- Be sure to weigh in on my Layered Rug idea!  I made a decision before taking the photos so I'm starting to get a sense of whether everyone will like or hate what I did :)


  1. Hanging mirror on pot rack... Love it! Source? Working on a cluster of round mirrors on large wall!

    Layered rugs in pantry/nook are wonderful! Lots of visual interest going on!

    1. I got it at Target a while back, perfect little hanging mirror size to fit where ever! Thanks Claudia!


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