Friday, March 14, 2014

Finished with the Kitchen Re-Paint and Onto Decor!

We've finished up our kitchen re-paint project (woo-hoo)!  Now, there isn't a hint of red anywhere to be seen and it feels so refreshing!  Here's a look at how the new color shaped out from our dining room, into the kitchen, and ending with our kitchen nook.
Did you notice that Rocco sneaked into that bottom right photo?  Dude really loves photo bombing!
Below is a look back too so you can get a sense of the before and after action.  Our red wasn't bad or anything, we were just growing tired of it after five years.  The lighter (white/not white) Wheat Bread color contrasting with the darker (black/gray) Francesca color was exactly what we were looking for- something simple, clean, and a bit more modern  BUT...
Click here to see wood countertops & subway tile DIY or click here to see our original redo project
I have to admit that the new kitchen look is totally BEGGING for some new decor to give it some personality and style.       ***   It's looking a wee bit bare and empty right?   ****

So now it's onto my new kitchen challenge!  I've been on the search for some new decor and storage ideas to bring together the new look in our kitchen.  I guess it's kind of the fun part, well unless everything I want is crazy expensive?  But then it may lead to some extra DIY decor projects!

So here's what I'm thinking we need so far (visuals below):
Wall Art/Decor- Liking the clustered frames look, maybe above the archway to our kitchen nook?
Accent Rug(s)- We really need a hint of color and pattern, maybe a kilim look or stripes?
Storage- Mainly need above the fridge and in our nook, maybe baskets and then wall rails or shelves?
Images via My Hands Made ItMrs. JonesGoogy Dog,  Brigadeiro de Cholher,  MiCasa

*   What do you think?  *
Would you go with a kilim style rug?  Or the stripes?
What other ways would you add extra storage in a decorative way?  I'd love more ideas!

Please let me know if you have good suggestions for rug shopping or where to find the best kitchen storage bins/baskets.  I'm excited to get my shop on!

On that note, I'll close this one with another woo-hoo :)  Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Hey your blog!

    Are you still happy with your butcher block countertops? What about the decision to oil them as opposed to the Waterlox?

    We are going to be starting our kitchen re-do in the next few weeks and I'm doing all the research I can!

    Your updates look great! Thanks in advance!!

    1. Hi Alyson, we've been really happy so far with the countertops & it's been about a year now. We've oiled them as recommended & they look great! My husbNd & I were on the fence too but he really pushed for the natural (no Waterlox) look & I'm glad we stuck to that. I think with the waterloxing the wood might loose its authentic feel and seem more faux, you know? All depends on what you think though, and if you chose no to Waterlox you can always do it later if you feel like you regret it, you just can't change your mind though if you do Waterlox right away. Good luck!

  2. HI, I like the classic color scheme and simple clean style. Great job on the repaint!

    1. Thank you! I'm loving the simple look too! Wish we didn't wait 5 years to do it, LOL!


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