Friday, October 31, 2014

My Halloween "Ride in the Sky"

I have a special Halloween treat today!

Although we haven't been as into all the Halloween themed fun like we have in years past, I did still come up with a genius Halloween costume this year.... and it involved Rocco :)  Click the play button to check it out, hope you get a good laugh!

In case there's anyone out there that somehow missed a movie classic called E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, here's a link to the "Ride in the Sky" scene.  

I am thankful that my co-star was a good sport about the whole thing...

Even when he got pooped on.  So rude right?!?  
At least the drive-by bird dropping landed on his blanket and not him!

Have a fun, safe, and Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Too cute, my dog would never have stayed in the box!

    1. He was a good sport about it, we both thought he was going to jump out for sure!


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