Saturday, June 5, 2010

Operation Ugly Yard Overhaul Part III: Clearing the Left Side

Well, we tackled the right side, cleared it out, and planted some grass, so now that we had to leave that side alone, we got hard to work on clearing the left side. Here is a before photo, there were 5 large bushes, you can only see 3 in the photo, and then behind those is a Lilac tree surrounded by other random plants (again, the previous owner really liked to plant things). Remember, our goal for our yard is to have it open and clear, just grass so our dogs have space to run and play.

Dig, dig, dig, baby dig!!!! Lots of digging, and Alex got to use his axe and sawzall quite a bit to get those bushes out.

Then the Lilac tree, we told our neighbors we were pulling it out and they were happy to take it off of our hands.
Pull Alex, PULL! It didn't help I was taking his picture and yelling at him, can't use much strength when someone is making you laugh :) But I shut up and he got it pulled out in one piece.

And it was free! Hot supermodel pose Alex!

Last step for now, we added what else, top soil to the spots where we removed plants, then used Scott's Patchmaster to grow grass in the empty spots. Now, time to wait and water!
We recently purchased some morning glories and planted along the chain link fence too, because, lets face it, a chain link fence isn't very appealing to the eyes, but at least it allows our dogs to play freely, so hopefully they grow in quickly! I will post photos of that soon!

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