Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Worst of the Yard Work is Over! Lets go Reward Ourselves!

Three weekends of back breaking yardwork can drive you really crazy, the days seem to go by too fast and feel like a complete waste, then by the time you know it, it's Monday again. So the month of May zipped by, and at least we have the hardest parts of fixing our yard over with, so we thought we would quit working a little early and reward ourselves for the hard work!

We decided to go to Pyscho Suzie's Motor Lounge in NE Minneapolis, so some goofy drinks and trashy tasty food! Here is Alex with his booze infused tiki drink!

And me with mine! Nothing cheers you up like a drink in a tiki head cup, just fun! Psycho Suzie's patio is pretty awesome as well, great place to kick back, prices and the menu are fantastic! I even got a mini pinwheel in my drink!

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  1. Hi there,

    I came across your blog because I googled "dutch colonial blog" looking for ideas for our dutch colonial. I read about 5 posts, and was really surprised when I got to this one and realized you live in MN! I live in Saint Paul in a dutch colonial too, and I also need a privacy fence! Anyway, small world, neat blog. I'll be back.


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