Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Check Out Our New Porcelain Collection (The Bold Look of Kohler)

      Alex installed our fancy-pants new toilet yesterday as part of our ongoing bathroom redo (hey we have full time jobs outside of this too!).  I never really thought that much about a toilet, I mean you use it and clean it, but other than that I want nothing to do with the toilet, nor do I pay much attention to the appearance.  So when Alex informed me he got a new toilet, my response was "well what's wrong with the old one?"  Turns out, although they all serve the same function (hehe), there is a big difference between the 'economy' commode and the upgraded Kohler toilets at the ol' Home Depot.

      First off, size, the economy toilet is the smallest there is out there... and I don't want to go into detail here, but lets just say it is a serious upgrade.  Secondly, functionality is so much better!  He picked out the Kohler Wellworth, the best part is that it has 'Class 5 Flushing Technology'.  So what does that mean?  Here is what Kohler's website says "With names inspired by the raw power of whitewater rapids, this powerhouse features an industry-leading 3 1/4-inch flush valve, combined with an efficient, direct-fed jet, to maximize water flow and allow for an eco-friendly, 1.4-gallon flush setting option"- yes they compared it to 'whitewater rapids' which is strange, but we were attracted to the 1.4 gallon eco friendly flush option.  So a light push gives a small flush and the full push is for a bigger flush (no need to elaborate here either).  Last, the toilet just looks plain cool and fancy! 

So here we go (no "#2" jokes allowed), Alex already removed the old toilet (glad I wasn't here for that, sounds super gross and stinky not to mention it involved a sponge and rubber gloves).  He covered the sewer/waste pipe while he worked on the rest of the bathroom so that no sewer gases would escape into the house.  So once he was ready to install this bad boy he began by tipping it upside down to attach a ' Number 10 No Seep' wax ring (this is slightly larger than most wax rings as it is designed to accomodate new toilet installs where the flooring is slightly more elevated than the waste pipe - gotta love the 'charm' of 1924 construction). 

 Once you get it good and gooped on really tight, it is ready to be installed over the waste pipe.
 We both aligned the toilet straight over the pipe and guided the bolts through the holes on each side of the toilet to be attached.  Here is Alex tightening the mounting bolts.
 And here it is!  Our new fancy pants (no pun intended) toilet!  We are still working on the rest of the bathroom, beadboard is next along with new trim.  Did I mention before that we also have to re-sand and paint the door because it was chipping?  That is on the list too... hopefully we will get done with this soon!


  1. Haha, Carla, I was expecting to see a toilet with wings at the end of this post!!!

  2. HA Kyle that is funny! To me it has wings :) I heart the new toilet, it's so weird!

  3. There's nothing like a new toilet! I love the tile floor, Carla! The bathroom is going to be great and I cannot wait to see the finished product. We bought some beadboard but got intimidated really quick and put it in storage until we found our courage again. Looking forward to seeing how y'all tackle this project!


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