Monday, September 27, 2010

A Little Fall Decor for Under $20

     On one of our Home Depot Adventures to gather some more items for our bathroom project, I was excited to see a fall display out front of the store.  I found a cute bag of mini pumpkins ($6) and dried corn ($3),  I thought I could find a fun way to do a little fall decorating with them.  I have never done any seasonal decorating in our house, other than Christmas, but I thought it would be fun to give it a try (but not spend too much money on it).
I used a few of the mini pumpkins to make a fall centerpiece for our dinner table. The bowl and other elements are from Ikea.
I used the rest of the items on our fireplace, I just wanted to give it a little bit of a fall look, but not overly theme it.  I stood the corn against the fireplace with a couple pumpkins.  Thankfully our dogs haven't considered them toys or food.
I got this Smith and Hawken wicker pumpkin ($8.99) from Target and added a couple mini pumkins.
 I only spent around $18 and love the fall feel in our house!


  1. well i got a error so not sure wuts up....i love this time of yr to decorate and now that you started out small i think your find yourself decorating more.

  2. I just stumbled on your blog (from The Lettered Cottage) and I'm glad I did. Love your work on your cute little home.

    I will check back soon. We are neighbors and all! (teehee- we live in MPLS too)

    Happy Fall.

  3. I've loved following your junk bonanza adventure - that is so awesome that you were picked and I love the final result. Your fall decor is so cute and not overly "themed" as you put it. I haven't even pulled out fall stuff yet, it's hard to think of fall when it is still in the 90's here. (Not that I'm complaining). I have that same table runner from Target. I love it! Except all the dust that collects under those holes. Anyway, happy fall!

  4. Hi Lindsey, thanks, I didn't think I overdid it with the fall stuff, who knows I might get more! Still 90's there! Geeze, I'm freezing here in MN already!

  5. The mantle looks so great! I never thought to look at Home Depot for pumpkins. We got some from Walmart and more from an apple orchard. I love the linen table runner. Did you make it or buy it?

    I wish we had a fireplace, but instead I decorate the dining room table centerpiece and our dining room hutch and window seat. Once we paint our living room walls and add some art, I'll be able to make some seasonal switches, but for this fall, I took out my seasonal decor on our porch.


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