Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sights from Junk Bonanza

We had so much fun at Junk Bonanza shopping for our guest room with Layla and Kevin.  I wanted to include a few fun shots of things we saw at Junk Bonanza, enjoy!!!


  1. I am so looking forward to seeing your after photos that Layla and Kevin took of your shopping finds for your room. How exciting for you and how much fun that must of been. I saw them go flying by my booth on Friday (the first two photos of this blog are my booth - Mimi-Toria's Designs). :) I bet it was a blast!
    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging and may you continue to have great fun and inspiration while fixing up your home with your hubby.

  2. Hey Carla - in response to your question. The dress form above actually was the booth over from me. Her name was Karla and she had some great jewelry and belt buckles as well as belts for sale. On Thursday, she sold next to none, and I talked her into moving them over next to my grey shutter and aqua door area, and on Friday and Saturday people swarmed them and purchased alot. It was all about placement in their booth and she had great products, but not set up so that it would draw people into their space.
    Anyways, my mannequin that is a twin to yours used to have a blue base, which I just sprayed platinum for the JB show to give it more of an European feel which is what I strive for in my vendor booth.
    The first photo in my mannequin makeover is from Ki's Spring Bachmann's idea house, and that is where I got the inspiration from. I found my mannequin for like $30 at an antique shop during a sale, and than did the make-over.
    If you look inside your mannequin and the upper portion is also lt colored like the bottom, you probably could safely remove the top of the fabric and the entire mannequin would than look like mine. I have used it in my blog banner and its the 2nd photo. Works great for photos with my jewelry.
    Whatever you decide it is way cool and extra special that Alex bought it for you as a gift and on the sly. Way to go Alex! He receives a "10" for that action. :)


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