Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Dressing Room Is Complete! Before and Afters, Clothes, Shoes, Decor, and More!

I finally have a dressing room!  Kick up those Heels!!!  I'm just loving the new space!
Let's take a few closer looks and take a trip down memory lane...
Here is that antique crate I talked about in my last post now looking a bit more fabulous with some high heels!
Can you believe this thing holds 17 pairs of shoes?!?
It is so cute and serves a very big purpose for shoe storage!  Love it!
I love the way the crate also compliments the DIY vintage inspired crate shelving Alex and I made (sitting just to the left behind the Ikea mirror).
Here is a close up of the faux sheepskin rugs I picked up at Ikea.  My toes sure love them in the morning when the floors are a bit chilly!  Thankfully Sadie is finally leaving them alone too!
I think the addition of the Stave mirror from Ikea has proven to be way worth the purchase!  I love using the stool and mirror when I am getting ready in the morning. 
My antique dressform still amazes me! Best way to store/display my necklaces and belts!  Swoon!
Vintage feel with fashion and shoes... Sigh, I am so in love!

Now, let's take a trip down memory lane
Remember back in November (holy moly, can you believe we first started this process in November?!?) we asked what the heck we should do with this room? This is what the room was looking like back then, icky carpet and NO personality!
The majority of the comments we got said we should be turning the space into a closet, sitting room, or divide the space.  We obviously decided on all the above to suit our needs.  Check out the original plan and inspiration here!

Alex got to work ripping out the carpet since we knew that ugly stuff had to go!
He then installed some laminate wood flooring, sooooo much better! This part was the most expensive of our redo of course, you can check out that post for all the steps.
Thank goodness I don't have to deal with this anymore!  Alex happily took over both closets in our master. 
This is a lot more fun to hang around in, not to mention things are way easier to find!

What's next?!?!
If you remember from the beginning, this room is going to be divided into 2 spaces. Thus why we hung the vintage window...
We still have the other half to deal with. Remember, this room is right off our master bedroom.  The dressing room/ sitting area is the perfect idea to sort of create a Master Suite.
Our plan is to make a TV sitting room on the other end.  If all turns out right, I just may never leave this space!  A dressing room and TV!?!?  Talk about the perfect place for a gal to go relax in! 
We'll be posting about this half soon! 

For the all the posts on this space check out the Upstairs Spare Room Redo label.

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  1. Super cool dressing room! Just love it! Can't wait to see what you guys do with the other side!

  2. I LOVE IT!! It looks so cute like a little clothing boutique!

  3. That looks awesome, Carla! It looks like a 1940s movie dressing room :)

  4. Amazing work. I love how you can see everything at once. So much fun to get dressed I bet. I echo the comment above...its a boutique.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Amazing, perfect, fabulous, and so pretty! Gah. seriously amazing!

  6. This looks AWESOME!! I may have to DIY those crates one day, I'm loving how they turned out!

  7. Such a beautiful transformation. Good work! About the dress friend just randomly called me today and asked where she could find one. I think you mentioned that Alex got yours for you. Did he get it online?

  8. chic are you?'s like a peek at the back stage at an international fashion show!!! Nice work! *Lynne*

  9. OMG! What an awesome space. It makes me feel like I am in a chic shop in Paris! So jealous :)

  10. I LOVE it! So much inspiration here for my own exposed closets.

  11. i *love* the shoe crate!!

    i *love* the finished product!!

    i *love* the idea of s tv/sitting space!!

    and if i were you, i wouldn't leave that room either :) :) :)

  12. I love it! I am trying so hard to be content with our crawl-in closet but this room has so much drama and function and style that I am becoming green! You did such a great job, Carla!

  13. Oh wow! I love every single detail! It's a dream closet! I don't think it'd make me get dressed any faster but I'd love to be in there starting my day! You did a fantastic job, Carla! I love it!


  14. Y'all are SO CUTE! You remind me of my DL and I when we first got married--juggling jobs, a new relationship and remodelling--we are now in our 30th year together! Cheers!

  15. Such a great idea! I've been trying to come up with a solution to my small closet dilemma and this would be perfect. I have a spare room across from my master that is sitting empty!


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