Sunday, December 23, 2012

You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch...

Or.... in our case, "You're a Mean One Mr. Pig"  ever since I photoshopped this picture of Rocco in a Santa suit to make my little boy look like Dr. Seuss' Grinch (Rocco's nicknames are Pig, Piggy, Mr.Pig, Piggleferds, Piggy R, Piggyfiggins, etc., yes it's lame but true).... 
Green fur is courtesy of Photoshop; I would NEVER dye our pups hair
Can you imagine this cute little bugger stealing your gifts on Christmas??? Certainly not :) unless it was something beef or cheese flavored, haha!  Still, even after photoshopping him green he still doesn't look mean, maybe just grumpy because mom put him in a Santa suit?

I think I mentioned that we aren't traveling back to Michigan for Christmas, it's just the two of us (four if you count Rocco & Sadie) in our little Dutch Colonial.... So now that our gift shopping is done, our gifts are shipped, and work is slowing down, we FINALLY have extra time on our hands to relax and enjoy the holidays...

And waste time doing other silly things on Photoshop!  So, I even gave our Grinch his very own Max the Reindeer.... courtesy of our other pup Sadie :)

Yes, that one isn't very high quality, but who cares?!?  Tis' the season for silly Photoshopping!  Just in case you missed last year's, here's my favorite Photoshop gem from 2011... 
Note: Alex's body is not in the photo, his head is photoshopped in
I found an awkward photo of a man in a holiday cat sweater and stuck Alex's head on his body. It ended up being our Christmas card that we sent to our family and friends, haha! Thankfully Alex was a good sport and thought it was hilarious too.

Anyway, we hope you are slowing down too to enjoy time with family and friends during this special holiday.  And hey, if you're not the Grinch might show up!!!

Happy Holidays!

PS- If you haven't gotten a look, be sure to check out some of our 2012 Christmas decor including our staircase, mantel, tree and dining room!

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  1. I love Rocco as the Grinch. I thought you really colored him green. Maybe next year.

    1. Oh no! I could never dye his hair, he would just hate it! He gets so mad when we just try to bathe him! Also, he is 5 today!!!!

  2. That is hilarious and so cute. We call our dog Piggin and Cowpig. We will have to come up with more piggie names. Merry Christmas!

    1. Haha, yes it is crazy how many nicknames our doggies ended up with. He does answer to Piggy/Pig though, Sadie is Girly or Big Baby Girl, haha!


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