Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'd Like 2 Garden Beds, 1 Paver Path, 2 Painted Chairs on the Side, and Hold the Firepit

Can someone take the order I just placed?  Oh wait, that's what we do around here :) so there's a lot going on in our backyard! 

It's one of those strange times when it feels like we're doing nothing important but really we are tackling a bunch of little stuff that just feels less important, ya know what I mean?  That or it just feels like that way because we don't feel like doing it right now LOL!  The truth is that we have family coming for a visit this Friday so we are trying to check off a few little projects we have been dragging our feet on, most of which needed to happen in the backyard.  Here's a rundown on all the action...

It's been a long awaited project- completing the paver path that was destroyed when we removed "Mega Stump" following the 2011 tornado (click here to familiarize with "Mega Stump"!). Might sound crazy that we haven't done this yet, but we had to get concrete by the garage, a new fence, and we worked on getting grass planted (currently a lot of weeds, ugh!).  
(In Progress)
Thankfully after the above photo was taken, Alex finished up this little five foot paver path section that connects the path from our house to the garage entry just before the sun went down last night!  I am pumped that my heels won't sink in the dirt at any point during a walk to the garage, woot! (sad but true, little things = big things with all the things to fix here!)

But before the paver path, Alex finished building the other two raised garden beds on Sunday to complete the stretch along the border of our yard.  We haven't added the other plants though because we're planning on moving some of the fruits and veggies from the first box based on what we learned from experience and comments since building it.  A few people commented that the tomatoes wouldn't have enough space to grow- true!  We also learned that we needed more soil- seems to be true especially for the plants that are growing like crazy!  But the biggest learning...
... from our commenters (and biggest reason for all the plant moving) is that treated wood is full of chemicals that can leach out toxins into the soil when wet... Yep, that is an important issue so I am very thankful for the comment!  I also must admit that any kind of mistake makes us feel silly but we're DIY-ers, not experts and we're not afraid to talk about them!  So, to correct the issue (since we already purchased and cut all the wood) we found that we can line the raised bed with an impermeable layer to prevent any moisture from the wood getting into the soil.  The easiest to use is the thick plastic pond liner that you can find at most garden stores.  We still have to line and move plants, stay tuned :)

You might be wondering what I was doing during all of this.  I'd love to say I was pulling a Peg Bundy and sat inside wearing stretch pants, teasing my hair, and eating bon-bons but I was working too! 
Althought not "man" labor intensive, my to-do's included a lot of cleaning, laundry, and I finally painted the set of chairs I've been wanting to redo!  So if you have been following along on the chairs, I decided not to use the vintage fabric I picked out.  I still love it but I worry it will start looking more like a Hawaiian shirt than the cute pattern if upholstered- and I know my flip-flopping on this chair is annoying (heck I am annoyed) but I loved this spray paint color that I found at Menards- Rustoleum's Night Tide.
PS- I usually hate Menards because of it's strange moving walkway and selection of Larry the Cable Guy snacks, but they do have the best spray paint selection. I love the color of the chairs now and I just want to find the perfect color or pattern to compliment it perfectly!  I am open to suggestions of course, and include links if you have them!

The last backyard topic to touch on is our potential Firepit Project (click here to see our idea).  We're still learning all the details about the type of bricks you can use which could effect the cost of the project.  So, I just thought I'd give you a very mini update in case you wondered.  As you can see from the projects above, Alex didn't need to be "Antsy in the Pantsy" for very long, LOL! 

*** Phew!  There's all the action from us so I'd love some action from you too!***
-Do you have a link to a cute fabric pattern to match the color of the chairs?
-Any advice or tips for a DIY brick firepit ring?
-Do you think Menards is kinda or a whole-lotta strange too sometimes?


  1. I think it's great that you're posting the mistakes you're learning from. We've all been there done that and only learn by doing or hearing from others. Be sure you punch holes in the bottom of your liners for drainage and to avoid root rot. Also love the style fireplace you're looking at. The wide lip and raised sides = safety, comfort and an extra space to set things one. Ours is that style and we're uber thrilled with it! You might also want to get the kind of fire ring that has cooking attachments. My fiance LOVES cooking on the fire now with hardwood coals more than his big gas grill. Bonnie

  2. A moving sidewalk in Menards? Whoa! None of that up here... Our Forest Lake store is awesome! Truly! I always did my best to stay out of there, but necessity made it necessary to get to know it. Now I love it! The snacks crack me up! (especially those stocked by the dog food!) Staff is very helpful! I even offer to make the run when there is DIY in the works!
    The chairs are going to be beautiful...it will come to you..vintage? Repurposed?
    Have fun, now go to Menards! ;)

  3. Maybe a raw silk on the chairs? Something with a bit of sheen and texture?


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