Thursday, August 27, 2015

We're Moving (kind of)

WARNING:  Big. Huge. Earth Shattering Announcement Ahead.

Hello again!  Can you believe it’s been more than three months since you’ve last heard from me?  I’ve had a lot of time to noodle on the blog and what the next step will be…  that and a WHOLE bunch of (more important) life things of course :)  With that said, it’s a bit bittersweet for me to announce that in a few days my blog baby Hammers and High Heels will no longer be “Hammers and High Heels” as I will begin transitioning it over to it’s new title and URL/web address.  The same goes for our Facebook page.

“WTF Carla?!?  Why the hell would you do that?  WHY!?!!"

Looking back to when we began our blog, I had no idea really what it would be or become.  I only knew we were going to share our home renovation photos and stories, then over time as it grew and our audience grew so did my attachment to it's name & title.  So naturally, parting ways with it is somewhat emotional for me but I’ve probably been ready for it for more than a year now.  The ongoing home projects/ renovations/ to-do’s/ painting, repainting/ DIY’s/ etc. got old.  We were over it, the blog world was over it, and then everything got all dull and silent here.  Our home finally felt complete.  There were no more Hammers and High Heels tales to tell and that was when I realized it was appropriate to move on from it. 

So heck no we’re not going away!  We still have a story to tell and questions to ask. Stories about our lives, travels, food, family, fashion, pet peeves, struggles, etc… and I am sure there will still be some about our home or home decor, but that won’t be a primary focus anymore.  

The real gist of it is that the story may be changing, but the voice will remain the same.  It’s still us :)

We’re working on re-naming/re-branding our blog and setting up a new URL location along with a temporary re-direct (so fear not, we’ll help you find our stories while we work on 'finding' them too!).  I'll have all of that information posted up on Monday August 31st, so be sure to stop back so you’ll have all the deets!

Eeeekkk!!!!!  It’s so exciting!  I hope you’ll join Alex and I for a whole new adventure!  And no, we’re not having a baby so don’t ask :)  

Stay tuned….  !