Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello * Quirk Madame *

Okay everybody, now I'm not going to lie- today was a really, REALLY horrible Monday and after hours of sorting through all the domain, sub domains, DNS, CNAMES, and all other HTML coding craziness I went cross-eyed and punched myself in the face.... Just kidding! But really I almost did... or wanted to maybe? Sorry its way past my bedtime so I'm a wee bit nutty right now :) Thankfully my wonderful GENIUS friend Kayd Roy helped me out very late tonight so I didn't have to do that whole punch myself in the face thing 

smile emotico There's still a whole lot of formatting and fixing to do but the important thing for you to know NOW is where to find our blog because our old web address will be GONE very soon!  In case you missing that or skimmed over it.... THERE WILL BE NO MORE HAMMERS AND HIGH HEELS!  http://hammersandhighheels.blogspot.com is getting KILLED.  Yep, it'll be the saddest disappearance this summer (at least on the inter-webs).  Sadly you'll only find some businesses with zero similarity in it's place other than a name (note: I said businesses, not bloggers).

Now where was I? Oh yes... Thankfully to take it's place is our new place on the web.  Be sure to bookmark it, save it, subscribe, whatever and however you follow- It's bittersweet and emotional to say goodbye to our familiar old name but with a whole lot of fresh energy I'm very happy to introduce you to my new handle, title, and website- Quirk Madame  http://www.quirkmadame.com/blogposts/

Out with the old story and in with the new!  Be sure to save our new web address, the current site is going to disappear and you will lose us!  Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest- no way you can lose us then!  

I'll be working on getting our new site formatted and organized throughout the week so please bear with me for a bit!   I'm not going to lie, it's sort of a hot mess right now but it's 3:30am here in Minneapolis I need to get some beauty-ish rest :) 

Lots of moving and changes to come!  Hope you'll stick with us because it's going to be bigger and better this time!  

What are you looking forward to reading about on our new blog?
Fashion?  Home Decor? Travel? Our Pups?
I want to know! Don't be shy now :) Tell me in the comments!