Friday, April 27, 2012

Head Over Heels Friday: A Fun & Fashionable Wedding Shower Game

Happy Friday! 
This is sort of a quickie post, but I had to share this Head Over Heels worthy wedding shower game.  Not sure if a similar version exists out there (I've never played something like it before) but after making this fun little handout I started calling it the  "Design the Bride" game. 
I don't know about you, but I always cringe a little bit when it comes to playing shower games or coming up with a shower game to play- but this one was totally fun and everyone at a recent wedding shower seemed to like it, so I had to share! Who didn't play fashion designer when they were little?!?!  

It's quite a hoot if you have a group of creative, or fashionable, or really competitive ladies.  Here's the "winning look" chosen by the bride at the shower I mentioned (thanks for letting me share Katie!)... 
Cute, creative, and glam little game right?!?! 
If you'd like to use my board as a template for a bridal shower, just click the top image in this post, save the file, reopen in an editing progam to add in a photo of the Bride's face, and then print.  Bring along markers, crayons, colored pencils, glitter or whatever!
It's wedding season after all now, so I hope some of you out there like it and use it at a shower too!
Have a fabulous weekend everybody!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Estate Sale With An Old House Tale

Is there a house you often pass by that you wish you could see the inside of?
There are several on my list but, this one was near the tippy top of my list and last Sunday my wish sort of came true. Before I can tell you about the experience I have to explain a little more first....
 I've covered some of the history of Homewood (the neighborhood we live in) in posts a while back, but here's a quick background just in case... Homewood was once an affluent Jewish community where families and businesses thrived from the 1920's well into the 1950's and part of the 60's. 
Then in 1967, racial tensions grew and riots broke out along Plymouth Avenue resulting in many families fleeing out to the suburbs.  Much of North Minneapolis began to deteriorate in the decades that followed, but thankfully Homewood didn't fall into a similar state of disrepair.  Instead, many homeowners kept their homes within the family or at least maintained their history and beauty before selling to the next owner.
This home along with three others, sits on the street that borders Theodore Wirth Park. Theses four homes were known as the "Homewood Mansions". I am not 100% certain, but I also remember hearing once that these four properties have the biggest property lots within the Minneapolis city limits.  Anyway, when Alex and I would wander the neighborhood I would always say, "Ugh, I want to see what the inside of that house looks like!"  Yes, it looked like it needed some TLC, but we have a soft spot for old homes and can see the potential in anything that holds history and character.  One thing we never knew was if anyone lived there or not.

Sadly, last year's tornado that came through on May 22nd, 2011 didn't help the home's condition (or the property around it).  So many trees gone, boo!

The photos show that the roof has been replaced, but the windows still remain boarded up.  Even after the tornado, we still couldn't tell if anyone was living there.

Which leads us back to the present....
Thanks to a couple well informed neighbors (Hammers & High Fives for Brian and Chris!), I was going to finally see the inside!  They told me that Birkeland & Associates were holding an estate sale at the house.  So, wish coming true AND there's tons of vintage goodies for sale?!?!  I had to race over! 

I brought my camera along and took a few pictures inside.  The Birkeland staff didn't stop me from taking a few photos, so I assumed it was okay.  The sale was only on the main floor and basement, so I wish I could have snuck upstairs!  When I laid eyes on this grand staircase I nearly melted.  It was so beautiful, and it made me think how elegant and enchanting this home must have been back in it's early days!
Each and every little original detail seemed to remain intact in this home- the floor tile, woodwork, doors, door knobs, light fixtures, wallpaper, just everything... even appliances!!!
The kitchen was probably one of the most amazing rooms.  It had it's original built in breakfast nook, apron sink, oven & stovetop, and cabinetry.
The photo below is a view from the formal dining room into the living room.  The glass door to the left opened to the solarium which had amazing flagstone flooring.  I've never seen anything like it!
During my walk through this home, I eavesdropped a little bit on other people discussing the details of this home and it's unfortunate current condition. Someone at some point even said to their shopping buddy, "This home just has so much character and detail, it's a shame that it'll probably get torn down since it needs so much work." Now, I didn't know this person at all and I wasn't going to turn into a crazy lady in front of them but I wanted to scream, "Over my dead body!!!!" I thought, if someones going to tear this place down I'll put a stop to it by chaining myself to the front door Jessie Spano style!
"Stop the drilling! Stop the Oil!" Haha, anyone else remember that Saved By the Bell episode?

Now, I still don't really know the status of the house but the story I heard is that the home was owned by an older couple and the husband passed away last fall.  They didn't have any children and they were not living in the house so now the home for sale but to agents only for a bargain price.  Again, this all may or may not be true.  I'll just put this public plea out there just in case...
To Anyone out there with a really rich relative/ sugar daddy/ sugar mama/ who ever- just someone with lots of extra dough to throw around....
Could I please have like, I don't know, one million dollars so I can save this old house???  I promise to pay you back if possible, but if given the opportunity Alex and I (along with skilled professionals) would restore the house and save every bit of original character that it has to make it the gem that it once was in Homewood all over again. That should make you feel warm and fuzzy with all of your money.
XOXO Carla
Desperate public plea complete. 
Had to do it, you never know what could happen :)
Aside from the Old House Tale, I did take home some goodies from the estate sale!  I spent a total of only $36 and got three great finds.  The first was this old steamer trunk priced at $48, BUT I got there on the last day of the sale and they cut the prices in half.  So this trunk was only $24!!!!!!!!!
Amazing steal right?!?  You're jealous, right?  It really is a helluva deal!
The next item was this chair, again 50% off so it was $2.50.  I thought for $2.50 I will be able to use it as my first experiment with full on reupholstery.  That way if I mess it up, it won't be a big waste of money.  I see potential with it, love the wood legs!  I'll definitely share my experience tearing it apart :)
The last item was this vintage garment rack for $10.  I was on the hunt for a vintage garment rack last year and NEVER found one.  I'm still unsure where it will go, but for $10 I couldn't pass it up.  Who knows, maybe I could use it in "that little ol' shop" that I have always dreampt of opening.
Well, I hope you enjoyed the "Old House Tale"!

Did you love the detail in the home?
Would you want to save or restore the house if you could?

See you tomorrow for Head Over Heels Friday!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Completed Door Turned Headboard!

  The door turned DIY headboard project is complete!  Check out the finished look (and click here for the full tutorial post showing how we made it from a salvaged door)!
Gorgeous right?  I have to say it actually turned out better than I expected, I'm sooooo happy with it!  Crazy to think it all started with this $40 salvaged door.
My hubby gets major kudos for taking that....
To make a rather snazzy looking headboard if I do say so!
I still can't believe how similar it looks to the Pottery Barn headboard for 1/5th of the price.
Am I right?!?! 
That makes it even more exciting!!!
Anyway, my new dilemma is our bedding.  I know I wanted all white in the beginning when I mapped out our Master Plan, but I am second guessing it now.
Should we have something with some color to break up the bedding from the headboard? 
Do you think the pop of red is still fun as the accent color?
What color or pattern of bedding would you add?

I'm all ears, really let me know what you think.  I've been online shopping for bedding for DAYS and I'm getting sick of it.  I think some fresh ideas or advice would be awwwwwesome :) 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Head Over Heels Friday: Mama's Happy Occasional Shop

It's Friday, time to get happy because I am going to share my newest Head Over Heels "happy place" with you!

A couple weeks ago, I got an email from my new blog friend Renee inviting me to a local occasional shop called "Mama's Happy".   After checking out their website, I was totally intruiged!  The shop is "chock full of beautifully displayed handcrafted, upcycled, repurposed and altogether dazzling home goods and gifts created by an eclectic group of bragainistas and artists."
Owner and resident "Mama" Amanda Ficek is the brains behind this fabulous shop. She brought together a creative group of women that share a passion for beautiful home decorating on a budget and enjoying each other's creative company.  Sounds like a place you'd love to go to, right? 

I totally felt that vibe when I stopped by for my first visit.  Not only did I love the shopping, but I also had a blast chatting with some of the shop owners and felt that connection of "you're obsessed with home decor, ME TOO!!!!!!!!!"  To top the experience off, the shop is in this historic creamery, so neat!
Their next occasional shop is open May 9th- 13th, and you bet-cher buns I will be there opening day! I got a tip from one of the shop owners that the 1st Wednesday of their occasional shop is when the best goodies are up for sale, and they serve wine too!  Talk about a girls night out!

Alright, now here's some sights from my first visit to Mama's Happy!  Enjoy!

Gorgeous, beautiful, and inspiring right?!?!  Kudos to all the shop owners, I was indeed dazzled by your creativity and eye-catching displays!

So what did I bring home? 
It was tough, and I still want that antique gold framed mirror (3rd picture from the top of this post)...  If someone hasn't snagged it yet I might need to get it at the next shop... and I'm willing to hair pull if necessary... (JK)!  But yes, it was tough and I was trying to be good so I only brought home these two vintage hat boxes.
They're cute, fun and super girly... perfect for the next room I am going to attack with a redo!  Makes you curious right?  Wa-ha-ha (evil laugh), you'll have to wait and see!

Well, were you Head Over Heels for Mama's Happy too?

If you are a local, have you shopped Mama's Happy yet?

Thank you again Renee, so glad I know about this local treasure!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I'll be slapping some paint on our DIY headboard ASAP!  Can't wait to share the final look!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Salvaged Door Turned DIY Headboard

At last.... It has been built! Our Master Bedroom Redo continues on!
Yes, after letting the salvaged door I picked up sit around for a total of two months we can finally say that it is no longer a door- It's a headboard baby, yea!!!
You saw that coming right?  Sorry I couldn't help myself :)

We decided that the 5-panel door needed some style added to it before we mounted it as a headboard.  After an hour long (no joke, an HOUR long) debate in Home Depot over the type of trim to add, we came to a final decision! Here's how we spruced up our headboard creation using 3 pieces of decorative trim along with the framing....

Alex started by framing in the top (when door is rotated for the headboard), then the left and right sides using cut 2x3's.  Then he countersunk and pre-drilled pilot holes in order to use wood screws to attach the framing to the door. 
Next, he cut a piece of crown moulding to attach along the top of the door (headboard) and added decorative endcaps at end side. 
The last step was adding a 1x6 piece of select pine across the top.  The pine, crown moulding, and endcaps were attached using Loctite powergrab and finishing nails.
This is how the door headboard should look once you are done building.  After that it's ready for the final refinishing steps.
We did some sanding, added wood filler where needed, and added a fresh coat of paint. 

We anxiously waited for it to dry and when it finally did, we happily attached it to our bed frame!   A lot of oooh-ing and awww-ing followed :) 

I'm loving how the headboard is shaping up.  I think it now has a similar look to Pottery Barn's Addison Headboard which retails for $499.00-$599.00.
 Our creation has cost us about $100 total including the door, framing wood, and decorative trims!  So much better than spending "1 billion, gagillion, fafillion, shabolubalu million illion yillion dollars at Pottery Barn... right Mr. Bigglesworth Pigglesworth?"
Hmmm, too far?  Rocco (aka Piggy) would be offended I am sure :)

What do you think of our headboard creation so far?

See you tomorrow for a very happy edition of Head Over Heels Friday!
PS- I have no idea why I had Austin Powers stuck in my head today.  It's as strange to me as you probably think it is! Ha!