Friday, January 20, 2012

Head Over Heels Friday: A Parade of Projects in Honor of the Birthday Boy!

Today isn't any ordinary Friday, nope, this Friday is extra super special because...

It is my hubby's 28th birthday!!!!!

In honor of Mr. Hammers and High Heels (I wonder if Alex minds that title?) I wanted to have a big ol' parade down the street!  But due to the "arctic blast" we are experiencing here in Minnesota, I wasn't able to coordinate the marching band, fire trucks, elephants, ponies, clowns and all the other parade floats as planned. 
Bummer I know. Elephants and ponies don't like negative wind chill temps.

So instead, I have arranged a little visual parade of Alex's DIY projects to honor his birthday here on the blog!  I think he will love this surprise feature and celebration of his hard work!  Oh, did I mention it is a surprise?  He has no idea I am writing about him for this Head Over Heel's Friday, hehe!  Links to the full posts included below each photo if you would like to view the tutorials.

Happy Birthday Alex!
I'm Head Over Heels for all of your handy hard work (and you of course)!

(PS- it makes me so sad looking at our yard and our neighbor's before the tornado, I miss all of those beautiful trees!)

Thanks for celebrating Alex's birthday with us blogger style!

Now, I'll have to keep my hubby out of trouble tonight.  What kind of trouble you ask?  I happen to have a great example from Alex's 23rd birthday.  Here's Alex...
  He is riding the penny pony at Meijers holding a stuffed animal and a case of beer.  A store employee warned him that there was a weight limit and Alex yelled back, "No, it's okay, I'm the Birthday Boy," and pointed at the "Birthday Boy" sticker I had given him.  Many onlookers found the exchange as hilarious as I did!  LOL!

But I guess I have to remember, my hubby is now 28, not 23, so really I am expecting a calm evening with a few friends. 
Be sure to send him some birthday wishes in the comments, I am sure it will make him smile :)


  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby!! Have a fun time celebrating!

  2. Happy birthday, Alex. I have only had the pleasure of meeting you a few times, but you definitely made me laugh when we hung out. All the best!

  3. Happy birthday!


    Especially since I just picked up the same stuff to do in our entry hall, haha.

  4. You guys are so great. Happy Birthday wish you lived in NY I have projects for a talented guy like your self. Keep up the great work, love your blog. Mary

  5. Happy Birthday from Missouri! You guys are super cute! :)

  6. Your husband ROCKS!! I am also head over heels for his projects! I don't know who is luckier you - or him - Happy Birthday Mr. Hammers and High Heels!

    - MG


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