Saturday, June 12, 2010

Living Room: Building a Fireplace Mantel for under $100

There is nothing that adds charm and warmth to a room like a brick fireplace, so how can you make it even better? Adding a mantel! It is easy, and adds more interest to your fireplace, really makes it the focal point of the room. Here is a photo of Alex assessing the situation...
To start, get 1x2's, 1x3's, 1x4's, and begin to create a frame to stick the wood to. Alex used Loctite Power Grab construction grade adhesive to bind the wood to the brick.

Then added 1x8's and 1x10's of pine as the face of the mantel. Note: pine chosen over plywood because it has a finished grade. Used the same adhesive and 1 and a 1/2 inch wood screws.

We both picked out the trim for the top of the mantel.  Alex nailed all of the trim in, taped off the mantel, and then started painting it to match all of our white trim.
Wow, our house was so dirty and dusty with all the work going on, yuck! 

Also, glad Alex didn't have a plumber bum issue in this photo :)

Here it is! Our new mantel (with a newer less blurry photo)! It really made our living room more whole! Also, it helped to hide cords from the TV... SUPER BONUS!!! Alex routed the cords under the boards (he made 2 cut outs at top and bottom to route cords in and out of). I also love that I have a mantel for pictures and decor!!!!

Update- 9.30.2011, Upon reading this post and looking at the blurry photos, I think this needs a rewrite and more details, stay tuned!


  1. Gorgeous new mantle! You must be thrilled.

  2. What a difference! I really love the symmetry in the room and would love to do this. Thanks for linking!


  3. Oh my gosh,,,that is so much better! I was looking to buy a house with an overwhelming I can see potential!

  4. I wish you showed an above view of the mantle...It looks great!

  5. I had to come over and find your mantel ;) Wow I love it what a difference it makes.

  6. Great project! I just shared it on my FaceBook page :)

  7. Alex, love the mantel!!! Question: Where did you put the cable box and /or DVD player for your TV? I see wires on the floor for electricity for the TV and cable, but I see no wires for a cable set top box and/or a DVD player. Thanks for your time. Kathy


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