Friday, April 22, 2011

Head Over Heels: Vintage Ladders, Everybody Needs One!

Okay is it just me, or are vintage ladders everywhere... and fabulous?!?  Earlier this week I caught Houzz's Ideabook featuring 12 ways to use vintage ladders and just loved all the dreamy images!  Their feature led me to some more ideas for using vintage ladders at home. 

So, I'd like to devote this week's Head Over Heel's post to....  
Vintage Ladders and their versatility!  May they happily be in households everywhere!  
Additionally, at the end of this post I have a photo of what our little $20 vintage ladder is doing these days!

Let's climb through some more ways you can use vintage ladders at home...

Create a stylish and surprising bookcase in the living room
The Old Boathouse
Design place to display other vintage items and decor
 (see Marianne's post she even shows you 3 different ways you can decorate a vintage ladder!)
Make a bathtub rack for a vintage styled powder room
Beauty and the Bulldog
Get magazines out of a pile and hang them
Cory Connor Designs
Hang in the kitchen and use as a stylish pot rack
A Beach Cottage
 Store and display your jewelry
Marion House Book
Hang family photos and letters with twine as a decorative touch
Create beautiful bedside table for books and linens
Funky Junk Interiors
Add on wire baskets for vertical storage
Whispering Wood Cottage
Hang lanterns and candles for outdoor lighting
Something Green
Lastly, here is a look at our little vintage ladder in our kitchen nook.  Sorry the picture quality is on the crappy side (new camera is on my birthday list!).  The lighting in our nook is never workable.
Our ladder is used as a shelf for a basket holding my antique table linens and as a rack where I have a couple of my numbered chair covers hung while they aren't being used.
I love how it is used for storage, while still displaying some of the beautiful items I have made or collected.

Thanks for checking out this week's Head Over Heels post! 
Do you have a vintage ladder at home?  What do you use it for? Or are you dying to go find one now?
Have a great weekend everyone!  I'll be back tomorrow with a radiator cover update!


  1. We love them too! We had been keeping our eye out for one at antique stores but we came across one in our OWN house! There was one in the attic of our garage :)

  2. Mike and Katrina, that is awesome! I think I missed that post of yours, I am so jealous! The one we have is just a little guy :)

  3. I have wanted a vintage ladder forever! I love the way you used yours. I also love the idea of using one as a pot rack. They are so versatile!

  4. Yes ladders are great. I keep hoping I'll find one of those barn ladders once. Thank you for adding my ladder to this great roundup post!

  5. Thanks for including me in that amazing line-up! I love seeing how everyone personalizes their ladder with their own style!!


  6. Love this ideas, now on the lookout for a suitable ladder


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