Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Vestibule Huh?

One of the recent Houzz Ideabooks that I received was about "Vestibules from times past transitioning into entryways of the present".  The article grabbed my attention right away because I love anything that covers a bit of house history, but I started to realize that the vestibules featured looked very similar to the little space at the entryway of our house. 
Lightbulb moment... "so it's a 'Vestibule' huh?"  The space is strange unique to our home, complete with original 1924 tiling...
Now I'm not a total idiot (insert joke from Alex), I know what the word vestibule means but I guess I didn't know that it was the technical term for this little entryway space in our house.  I had always just called it "the little entryway room/ space"... case in point the old "Sadie Urkle" post from last year- funny to read now since Urkle is on Dancing With the Stars- right?!?!
Yes, I am a TV dork :)

  Anyway, we haven't shown this little space on our blog yet but we have taken a few pictures from it's vantage point - like this one of our staircase....
 Now you know whats been hiding behind that glass pane door!

My question now is...

 What would you do with this space? 
The Houzz article mentioned that some vestibules had a spot to collect mail, place umbrellas, or even a whole coat closet.  Our space only measures  4' x 4', so we have left it empty aside from a decorative doormat.

 Would you add anything to it? Maybe coat hooks, or a small shelf? Would that make it too cluttered?

I'd love to hear what you think, my mind has been buzzing since I read the article :)


Sorry we haven't had any update on our Master Bedroom Project, hoping for some progress over the weekend.  See you tomorrow for Head Over Heels Friday!


  1. I love love love this adorable little entryway - it has such character! Have you ever thought of creating a mini mud room? Maybe adding some bead board that sits a bit higher on the wall with some thicker picture molding? And like you were suggesting - some vintage looking hooks as well. I've been looking to makeover our side entrance to our home and have found some inspiration photos on pinterest. Here are a few I really liked:

    Or this wall full of b&w photos is really cool too!

    Can't wait to see how you transform the space - I'm sure it will be amazing!

  2. A few coat hooks and a beautiful picture or typography to welcome your guests!

  3. A mirror? There's not much space there, is there? Love the old tile, though!

  4. Hmm coat hooks, especially if coats are hanging on them, could indeed get in the way. What if you painted some fun design on the ceiling?

  5. Is there an opportunity to add a cool lighting fixture? I'm actually a little jealous that you have a dedicated space for folks to leave their shoes when they visit. I would LOVE to have that! I think it looks great as is and would not add anything other than coat hooks, being such a small space. Just try and lighten it up in some manner if possible. Bonnie

  6. I like katies idea of a mirror since it's such a small space. Or a pretty print. I wouldn't do a shelf with anything on it. It would be too cluttered. I wouldn't do a coat rack either it seems it's too small for that too.
    I love the glass door, and the space it adds alot.

  7. I definitely think a small coat rack would look nice! A mirror isn't a bad idea either, one that's really flat like the ones from IKEA!

  8. Most old vestibules had a mirror on one wall so you could check your appearance before you stepped outside the door. It's a "vanity" thing.. It comes from years ago when everyone wore hats and you wanted to make sure it was on straight before you left the house.

  9. They have been around for centuries, especially in northern climates, where you didn't just have the front door open into your front living room/parlour and let the cold in. In the seventies, the first energy crises, they found out about them again and started to add "air lock" entries into new energy aware homes. I think Vestibule is a much classier name. Our home was build in 1890 and had a wall covering called " Lincrusta Walton" Now just called Lincrusta in the front Vestibule, check out this link for a complete history etc including where you can purchase it now. They still use the original rollers to make it and have more Art Deco/ modern patterns as well. Hirshfields Decorating centers carries it. You might want to consider it for your vestibule. It is installed just like wainscoting on the lower section of the walls, and can be stained or painted. I am also a fan of daylight and a new traditional front door with glazing would add greatly to your entry.

  10. If you want to redo the tile, yet keep the vintage feel, this:
    would work well. I think you have an opportunity to do something totally different here. A special wall treatment that might cost too much or be too overwhelming for a larger space, maybe? Or display a collection en mass? Like: without the bench... or:

  11. so THAT'S what it's called! Our home has one, too- and we just call it the entry way. Vestibule... love it! Mine has a bit of space (4x6?), so we have a tiny bench topped with a mirror and coat hooks. I highly recommend the mirror- it adds dimension, not to mention the light.

    I love anonymous' idea of a pretty light fixture. I will do that too! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your... wait for it... vestibule. :)

  12. Some small hooks under a mirror for dog leashes and/or keys?

  13. Our 1929 Colonial came with a really nicely decorated vestibule that uses an interesting trick to make it look larger - a mirror on the ceiling! It sounds really, really strange, but when combined with a hanging glass light fixture and light walls it really does make the tiny room feel larger and very light, but unless you point it out, guests never notice the mirrored ceiling. We too have the original tile floors and then also an ornate umbrella rack mounted on the side wall, as well as a graphic print signed by all of our wedding guests.


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