Monday, October 8, 2012

Antiquing is Like a Box of Chocolates...

You never know what you're going to get.

Surely, I did not expect to come across an embellished Pee Wee Herman sweater.... 
I told Alex we had to go on a date because I got a HOT outfit to wear :)
Or a teddy bear that had a creepy resemblance to my dog Rocco....
Or a crazy lady blending in with a bunch of fake heads...
Yes, my weekend antiquing adventure in Buffalo, MN was certainly a whole different experience than my other adventures...Or I was just being a weirdo that day? 

Thankfully I wasn't the only one :)  My friends Dean and Andrew went along with me on this shopping adventure.  Andrew also found a hot new wardrobe addition when he laid eyes on this stylish leopard/ zebra print sequin vest with beaded fringe!
I still thought my Pee Wee sweater was way cooler though :)

Now, I didn't really take home any of the fun weird stuff because I did find some great stuff!  Check out this (faux) gold bow necklace that was just $2.00!
 I also got this vintage wool sweater from WWI!  I was so intrigued when I read the tag and there was even pants and a jacket that went with the whole uniform.  I was happy just taking the sweater, it was cute and made of thick warm wool.  I was able to bargain it for just $15.00!
The last item was this vintage camp chair for just $10.00!
 It had a functional back rest that flipped up.  I thought that feature was cool along with the raw/ distressed wood and....
 ... metal brackets.  The little stool had so much interest in the little details.  I am of course going to do a little DIY treatment on it starting with a new fabric seat but I have so many fun ideas! 
More to come with this one once I start working on it!

On our way back we even got to stop at a cute pumpkin patch full of fancy pumpkins!
Sadly, I didn't get a picture of Dean being weird so here is our 'normal' photo.  I did tell him to get up by the steering wheel so I could lay under the tire as our weird photo but there were too many families nearby :)

One thing I got that I didn't want to take home from the trip- my first speeding ticket... EVER!
Yep, a $169.14 citation really killed the mood :( 

Like I said, you never know what you are going to get when you go antiquing!  The ticket was a damper but it was a totally fun day aside from that.  I highly recommend the Buffalo Nickel Antique MallAnnie's Attic,  and Waldon Woods Antiques for anyone making a trip for some good antique/junking finds!  Just make sure you obey the speed limit :)

What do you think of my goodies?
Should I have purchased the Pee Wee sweater???


  1. Ahhhh man. Sorry about the speeding ticket. That is sure to put a damper on any fun afternoon of antiquing. :(

  2. Hello Carla! I'm from Brazil and South'm simply loving your blog, I found it by accident, but I loved it.
    Very cool, I love the DIY!
    You're so funny, I'm laughing at myself as I read your posts.


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