Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No-Sew Fall Blazer Elbow & Lapel DIY Updates

One of my favorite things about fall fashion is all the layering and what better layering piece than a fashionable blazer!  And no, it doesn't have to be a brand new one.  Let's DIY-it instead of buying it! 

I always feel perfectly polished in a nice fitting blazer and with all the fun fall trends it is easy to do a little DIY-ing to make a plain blazer the main attraction of an emsemble- which is what I did to a couple plain solid colored blazers sitting in my closet...
 I added elbow patches to one blazer and contrast felt fabric on the underside lapel to the other. Both looks are kind of menswear inspired details and I love them!  They were so simple and required NO sewing- even more reason to love!

Let's start with the contrast lapel DIY!
 For the contrast underside lapel, I got the idea from jackets I have seen at J Crew.  Under normal circumstances I would never, ever, ever 'pop my collar' but this type of popped collar has more to do with showcasing the lovely menswear-inspired detail than being dressed up like Pauly D.  This is a chic tailored look for every lady that loves classic style!
School boy blazers via J Crew

All you need is a blazer, Heat and Bond Iron-On Adhesive (I got mine at JoAnne's), and a wool felt fabric to add under the lapel.  It is important to choose a fabric for the underside lapel that can withstand high heat from the iron-on adhesive!
I have to highlight that the blazer I used for this project I got for $7.00 at a vintage shop!  I think it was a boys uniform type jacket?  Who knows, but I chose the red wool felt because it complimented the red piping surrounding the jacking lining.
Here's a closer look at the underside of the lapel.  My blazer already had a wool felt fabric underneath, lots of blazers do.  The purpose of the felt is to double as outerwear when it is cold and rainy and it helps the suit jacket to hold it's shape around the neck.
So, I started by laying the lapel flat to measure the size//shape of wool felt and iron-on adhesive I had to cut.
Once I had the felt and adhesive cut, I laid it carefully in place on the underside lapel to begin adhereing.  The directions were really simple and I ended up with exactly what I wanted, although it was hard to get a nice photo of it.  The underside of a lapel is hard to capture!

Now for the elbow patch DIY! 
This idea is kind of a trend from last fall.  I actually did this DIY last year and never thought to do a post about it until a friend told me it was a fantastic idea so I had to share!  Here are a couple blazers with the elbow patches from J Crew again, but I think you can find them at a lot of stores now.

Hacking blazers via J Crew

I started with an older Forever 21 blazer that I hadn't worn in a long time which always means it's time to spruce it up.
I picked up these twill iron-on patches from JoAnne's.  The patches are square shaped so you have to cut them into the patch shape you'd like.  I used the bottom of a gravy boat to get the right oval shape, random but true :)
After cutting the shape, I put the jacket on and marked where I wanted to place the patches.  I made sure to choose the placement with my elbows straight and bent.  Then, I carefully laid them in place and ironed each patch onto the blazer.
Polished perfection!  I love that the patches added a special touch to what was my bland blend-in blazer.
Either blazer paired with a tee or blouse, jeans and tall boots has made for a flawless look and I LOVE that it is easy to put together in those "what do I wear today?" moments.

What do you think of these no-sew DIY Blazer updates?
Are you going to try one?
Have you done a different one?  Please share!

If you'd like to see another simple fall fashion DIY check out my guest post over at Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget.  You'll love Hannah's blog too!


  1. I LOVE this look! Thank you for the tips - I will have to add a stop at Goodwill to my "to do" list for this weekend. :)

    1. Do it! I have found 4 great blazers at thrift stores and they are all nice wool materials that fit me well! Who knew?!?!

  2. Love this... I need to do this, as I am in love with elbow patches too. Thanks!

    1. Try it, it is so easy and makes a plain blazer cute and trendy!

  3. Very cool updates! I love that iron-on backing. I added peter pan collars to a bunch of baby onesies as gifts for my friends and it ended up being really cute (and really cheap). Now I have to go find a cheap blazer to embellish a-la H&HH.

    1. Oooo, that is a great idea for a baby gift, thank you for sharing! I have a lot of friends that are expecting right now!

  4. Great job!!! Love tutorial! New follower and love that you DIY and do fashion!! xo

    1. Thanks and glad you are following! I really have fun with the DIY fashion stuff, I will have to come up with more before the holidays to share!


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