Thursday, November 8, 2012

Holiday 2012 Idea House: Cozy Up to Alpine Chic Decor

Who needs decor ideas for the upcoming holidays?!?! I do!  You do too right?
Thankfully, Bachman's 2012 Holiday Idea House started today and I got a first look! This house features "a glamorous take on a rustic lodge where a cozy up north cabin meets big city bling". (Click here to check out the Holiday 2011 Idea House).  As expected, it was full of great ideas and I am sure you will find at least one of your own after seeing these pictures!

Once again, here is the background information on the Idea House just in case:
Bachman's is a Floral and Gift Garden here in Minneapolis, and their Idea House was their original founder's house built in the 1920's. The company now uses the house for their seasonal Idea House creating entirely new rooms for each of the four seasons. Everything about each room is different for each season's idea house, right down to the paint on the walls. When you enter the house you get a brochure that lists all the details for each room including the paint color and 'ideas'. The cool part- everything in each room is for sale!

Alright, I will show each room's photos then the 'ideas' after.  Now that you have the info let's get in the holiday spirit and take a look...

Antler stems as drapery rod finials and mantel decor; Coffee table made from a wooden wagon and layered with tree rounds; Lit stems with pinecones added to decorative birch tree; Cowbells as window decor; Christmas presents wrapped with fur and burlap ribbon with ornament accents; Side table made from wood and metal sieve with glass top; End tables made from stacked luggage and glass tops; Retail jewelry case displays Dept 56 and candy mold collections; Wall embellished with hand-painted grandfather clock outline; Outdoor metal topiary lined with birch branches as tree accent; Christmas tree topped with feathers and antlers.

Wine bar made from a vintage luggage cart; Side table made from luggage and glass top; Wooden wine racks and wall vases used as mounted wall decor; Pheasant feathers as drapery finial; Vintage beverage dispenser as wine chiller; Salvaged railing post turned into a floor lamp; Vintage wooden toolbox used as wine holder; Burlap panels added to chairs.

Chair embellishments made from snowflake ornaments and earrings; Slices of tree trunks under glass as table decor; Antlers used in centerpiece, as drapery finials and chandelier accents; Scarves used as window valances; Sprayed holiday stencils on buffet mirror and windows; Chandelier decorated with ornaments, garland and antlers; Placecard holders made from bud vases, stems and envelopes; Decorative bark panels and bark ribbon on table and walls.

Metal pulleys mounted to wall as magnet boards; Oversized vintage metal sign used as recipe magnet board; Side table/storage cabinet made from incubator sections; Towel racks made from decorative sweater-covered deer heads; Chandelier decorated with kitchen utensils and dishtowels; Metal grates used as window valances with ornament accents; Curtains made from tree-themed table runners; Workbench as a kitchen island; Recipe card holder made by adding a decorative pick to an apple.

Magazine rack doubles as a towel holder; Toilet paper holder made from a mailbox; Metal grates and ropes as a window treatment; Metal pulley as wall decor.

Snowflakes made from salvaged wood pieces; Salvaged wood doors turned into mirrors

Sheet music as wallpaper; Ornament clips as shower curtain embellishments; Wall organizer made from a metal toolbox; Window valance made from salvaged decorative wood; Ladder used as towel holder; Painted holiday stencils on a vanity mirror; Wire candleholder turned into a toilet paper holder.

Headboard made from a basketball backboard and rope lighting; Basketball rim mounted to a wall as nightstand; Media unit made from vintage lockers; Basketball cage turned into a desk; Graph chalkboards hung from metal rulers as wall art; Accent pillow and Christmas tree made from a referee shirt; Mini basketball hoops and pillowcases turned into laundry bins; Basketball halves turned into table lamps, planters and valance decor; Ceiling pendant made from acrylic clipboards; Pegboard covered in contact paper with basketball court outline.

Headboard made from a cabinet and table; Chandelier made from painted and deconstructed plastic water bottles; Hose reel as tinsel Christmas tree base; Window screens as mounted on walls as decorative magnet board and wall art; Wall calendar made of clear bulb ornaments filled with candy; Wall covered with furry blankets; Floor and table lamps decorated with colored tissue paper; Wall organizer lined with wrapping paper; Window valances wrapped in yarn.

Vintage arched window as headboard; Lamps filled with holiday ornaments; Canary shipping cages as wall-mounted candleholders; Birdcage as ceiling lamp; Hand painted family tree with hanging frame ornaments; Dresser top covered in sheet music; Doilies used as floral holiday ornaments; Window valance made from salvaged decorative wood; Metal planter as nightstand; Wreath holder as scarf hook; Eucalyptus branches as fragrant Christmas tree decor; Jewelry holder made from vintage retail key tag fixture.

Metal topiary filled with pinecones as Christmas tree; Salvaged wood and oversized black and white photo turned into a wall-mounted TV cabinet; Vintage trunk as coffee table; Metal worker's cabinet as bookshelves; Birch pole and metal pinecones as wall art; Ceiling pendant made from birch poles and deer table runner; Salvaged wood and old pedestals turned into a sofa table; Birch poles as valances with pinecone finials; Vintage snowshoes and birch logs as wall sconces.

House numbers on vintage winter skis; Wall tree made from cinnamon stick bundles and ribbon; Holiday cardholders made of ribbon and magnets; Galvanized planter box turned into a coffee table; Church pews as benches; Birch logs as drapery finials; Saddlebag as wall planter; Salvaged wood rounds and lantern turned into a ceiling light; Christmas stocking used as mailbag.

Wooden skis behind wreaths as wall decor; Toboggan as valance on potting shed; Holiday "peace" sign made from metal ribbon; Birding tree made of pinecones, suet and birdfeed ornaments; Spruce tops planted into flowerbeds to create mini forests.

If you need more Holiday decor ideas, click this link to see the Holiday 2011 house.  

PLEASE NOTE: In case you didn't read the top of the post, I just want to reiterate that this IS NOT OUR HOUSE and I am not employed or affiliated with Bachman's in any way (which means I did not decorate the rooms shown). I am a HUGE fan of the Ideas House and love sharing it as long as they allow people take photographs when they visit. It seems lots of people get confused about that if they stop by via Google Images or Pinterest and I would NEVER want to take credit for something I did not work on. So I hope that's clear!

Which ideas where your favorites?!?!
Hope you found some inspiration, thanks for stopping by!


  1. thanks for posting these!!! love those scrap wood snowflakes!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing!!! That boys room rocks, so many creative ideas! Love all your idea house posts!

  3. Wow these are great pictures! I did a Christmas theme tree and set up at my job called Chalet Chic and we had another called Alpine Escape and boy did that give me ideas for when I go into work tomorrow. I see some changes to my display!!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Cool! I am glad you got some ideas too! I have so many for our Christmas decor already, I can't wait to start decorating!

  4. I am really loving the warmer brown paint colors and the plaid wall coverings! The Idea House is always so much fun - thanks for the tour!

  5. So cool! Wish I lived closer so I could visit the idea house- sounds fabulous. Thanks for all the inspiration.


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