Thursday, March 14, 2013

Indoor Spring Floral Decor

Even though it snowed last night here in Minneapolis, it feels a bit more Spring-like inside our house because of these fresh and pretty florals!
Even though I'm mainly working on my Dressing Room/ Closet right now, I had been wanting to update the decor on our dining room sideboard/ buffet since Christmas and I'm loving this fresh green look!

The idea for this started with an unplanned trip to Bachman's Floral & Garden Shop.  I wanted to give "indoor gardening" a try with those cloches I used in my Holiday centerpiece decor.  I picked up two cute little Kalancho succulent flowering plants, a Babytear plant, and a Selagine plant.

I'm still new to any kind of gardening so I just picked them because they were cute (my main goal is to not kill them in a week's time).  I guess it will be good practice for actual outdoor gardening this spring and summer!  I was starting to dig it last year :)  hehe, that was a good nerdy word pun!

I added the plants to a few cute pots, vases, and two antique glass cups that were my grandma's.  Probably not at all what they were intended for but I love the unique look- and they make me smile!

I rounded out the look with a wreath I had on our front door last summer (love finding those fun forgotten things in the basement!) and two vases filled with Waxflower on each side.

What do you think of the fresh floral look? 
Are you excited for outdoor gardening season to start soon too?

Honestly, those real flowers sure beat my paper floral creation, LOL!  I just hope I don't kill these... at least right away!  See you tomorrow for Head Over Heels DIY Friday!


  1. I am obsessed with bell jars right now and am looking for way to incorporate them in my decor! I love yours but won't plants die under them with no oxygen?

    1. Oh I probably should have added more info on that, but I won't keep them sealed under those glass cloches all the time because yes they would die. I have been watering them and rotating which ones go under the glass. When there lots of condensation I know to take it off and give them some fresh air, but I'm still new to this! So far so good though, they seem to be growing I think? At least not wilting & dying :)


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