Friday, June 21, 2013

Head Over Heels DIY Friday: A "Winey" Juice Box Delight!

Get ready, this DIY is totally silly but I know you're going to love it!  Who couldn't love this "Winey Juice" adult juice box creation?  What way to enjoy some boxed chardonnay right?!?!
Before I explain how I made it I guess I have to tell you why I did, here's the story...
Remember the talented gal named Kayd that gave Hammers and High Heels a makeover last year?  Well, I've been wanting to get her something and it was LONG overdue!  Not just for the amazing blog design but she has helped me out here and there with all of my blog or social media questions.  The girl's got mad skills I tell ya!  I thought wine would be a nice thank you gift so I asked her what kind she liked and she said something like "whatever, I am not too particular", so I jokingly said "well okay, I'll just get you a box of the Franz (Franzia), so you can enjoy an adult juice box!" 

We both got a laugh, but then I thought- hmmm, that would be pretty hilarious to turn a box of Franzia into an oversized looking juice box.  I HAD to do it!  But don't get me wrong I still got her a nice bottle of Malbec as a real thank you which I must admit felt pretty odd to purchase along with a box of Fanzia.  I swear people judge you if you're buying that stuff, I felt like I had to explain to the clerk that I was making a giant juice box out of it... but figured that everyone would assume I was drunk and/or crazy with that explanation.  Anyways, that's how this project came about.  Now to how I made it!

To make it funny it had to really look like a juice box so I thought about all the juice boxes out there- Hi-C, Capri Sun, Juicy Juice, etc.  Capri Sun wouldn't work unless I just covered the Franzia bag in tin foil, but that'd be a mess.  Hi-C didn't have much of a title to work with so I chose Juicy Juice as my design inspiration and I got help from my friend Kellie on the title- Winey Juice.  It was simple and the letters "Winey" fit nicely in place of "Juicy", perfect!
I put the design together using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator.  I found a Juicy Juice label image online and started tweaking it in Photoshop.  I removed the Nestle logo, added Franzia in it's place, and instead of "100% All Natural Juice" I thought of nothing better and called it like it is "Cheap Chardonnay".  Which is not meant to sound mean or snotty but it is true, five liters of wine for like $12.99 is in fact cheap.

When the design was ready, I measured the size of my Franzia box and made my own little packaging template in Illustrator.  Then, all I had to do was print it, cut out the box shape from the template print out, cut out a hole for a straw, and tape the print out/faux juice box cover to my Franzia box using double sided tape.
For the straw, I found a large red and white stripe pattern, printed it, and rolled it diagonally until it looked like an oversized straw.  I also put some thicker rolled up card stock inside the printed paper straw so it had some more structure to it. 

The final step was adding the straw to the hole at the top, and in case you aren't familiar with boxed wine- the straw just goes where the handle cut out is, not actually in a place where you can access the wine from the plastic bag.  But I hope most of you have seen how boxed wine works?  (I know my first encounter was in college, Slap the Bag anyone?) 
I couldn't stop laughing at my Winey Juice Box creation once it was complete, I thought it was hilarious!  Before presenting it to Kayd (along with the real wine) I proudly showed a few friends and it made everyone smile that saw it :)  haha!
I know it is totally silly, but I think it's one of my favorite DIY's ever!  It's just so stinkin' silly, super Head Over Heels for this one!  How about you?!? Do you want to make your own Winey Juice Box too?

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated in any way with Juicy Juice or Franzia brands/products, I also hope no one is offended by this post as it was written with a light heart and humorous spirit :)


  1. that's hilarious!! My mom worked for Nestle growing up, so I drank that stuff ALOT. so much that now if I smell it, it makes me sick to my stomach. I soo like the idea of it being an adult juice box better!!! LOL!! You should offer the template to print! :o)


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