Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My New Workspace Set Up!

Ready to get a look at a new room in the house AND see where those newly painted crates went?!?  Of course you are!  Here's a look at my new workspace...
I've been working on turning this little space into my workspace since finishing up my whole closet room set up.  You might be able to tell from the photos but this workspace is the opposite end of my closet room (accessible only through our Master Bedroom).
So it's basically a single long narrow room serving two purposes- Both just for me!

It's a pretty simple set up using some older furniture we had but I did purchase the chair for $15 and the spaghetti lady artwork for $20 (both from Ikea).  I'm pretty pumped to finally have a space where I can work on projects as well as store and organize all the random sewing/crafting stuff I've collected over the years.  NOTE: I refuse to call it a "Craft Room" because then I'll feel like a tacky old lady... and yes, deep down I really am... so I guess the phrase just irks me.

Now to those old crates that got a fresh paint makeover during my Arctic Vortex boredom spell!  Puzzled together and stacked up, they ended up creating the perfect shelving unit to store fabrics and the smallest size made for a nice storage bin....
You might remember those crates from LONG ago DIY project where we made a shelving unit out of crates on caster wheels?  I think the new white painted finish is a nice change giving them a cleaner, more modern look.  Gotta love an easy way to freshen up something you grew tired of and stashed in the basement right?!

I'm sure my little workspace will keep evolving (like every room seems to) but the only things I still need as of now include desk storage/organization type items and a desk lamp.... I think?  Hmmm

What else should I add in my workspace?
How do you set up or organize your office/workspace?
Are you liking the look so far?  What should I change up?

***  I'd love to hear your suggestions and/or what you think of the space, let me know!  ***


  1. I have been reading your blog for a while now and I just love it! It is fun to read a blog of someone who understands this cold region we live in (I live in Fargo, North Dakota). I really like how you used the crates to store fabric. I am currently working on organizing my office and craft/sewing materials and this gave me inspiration for storing my larger quantities of fabric (I am using a shoe organizer for fabric scraps). I hope to be posting my office progress soon on my blog: Our House in the Middle of the Street :)

  2. How about a refreshment center? :) A small refrigerator or at least a coffee/tea station. If you get going with ideas like I do, I often don't even take time to stop to have a drink or snack. I am diabetic and if I start dropping things or loopy, I realize I need to eat. I bet you could decorate a small office refrigerator real cute.

  3. Hello! I've been on a 7.5m hiatus from reading my favorite blogs- 4th baby will do that!- but I'm back, and was so pleasantly surprised to see what has changed in your house! Your closet is fantastic, and your workspace (I call mine that, also, as I refuse to turn into the woman with the craft is great too. My only immediate thought is that your fabric will get dusty in open containers, though I do like the white paint on them. And do you have a space/outlet for iron/ironing board when you sew? I am completely obsessed with your poster!!!! Seriously, I'm going to buy one for my home. It's amazing.


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