Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our "Five Year House" Five Years Later

On March 27th 2009, exactly five years ago today, Alex and I walked through our front door for the very first time as homeowners.   It wasn't the magical day I thought it would be (you can read about that story & tears here) and funny enough, things didn't really end up how we had pictured five years later either.  We always thought this house would be a "Five Year House"  but as you can see/read we're still here kickin' it in our old (but totally refreshed) little Dutch Colonial and unlike March 27th 2009, this time, on this day I'm glad things did NOT turn out the way we thought they would.  Our house became so much more than a "Five Year House" for us.

I have no idea if we'll be here for another five years, or one year, or maybe we'll be here for forty years?  Yikes, can you imagine how many times I will have repainted the dining room in 40 years?!  (shutter) I just know that today that I can't imagine parting with it and if we ever do, a part of me will feel heartbroken over it.  This is the first place we made into a real home on our own and it will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Who knows where we'll be five years from today on March 27th, 2019 , I can only assume it will be different than what I'm expecting it will be like today.  I just really hope crying at the top of our stairs again isn't a possibility, that was a real downer :)

How about you?
Have you been in your house longer than you ever expected to be?
What ended up being your perfect/favorite home and why?

What a journey it's been inside these walls!  Cheers to the 5th year!  


  1. Twelve years later we are still in our “starter” home. Sure, we often talk about moving to our ideal place outside of the city, but we love our old home. We have put a lot of work into it and its home. Ideally, I would love to be able to pick up our house and put it on piece of land out in the country.

    1. Hi Stacy! It's funny, but I'm thinking we'll get to 12 or even more too! Alex would love to get back out where he can have "some land" again, but I'd love to he where we can walk to coffee shops or restaurants. I guess we'd want to pick up our house & move it too if we could!

  2. Getting ready to move from our starter home, after 19 years! Our first home and the one we've raised our son, the only one he has ever known! Onward to beautiful lake property and acreage and so very excited! Will always feel so warm towards our first address as a family!


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