Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Break at the Beach

This week is Spring Break for a lot of folks and like many of you I'm spending it at the beach!  Unfortunately, it is only 50 degrees where I am and the lake is still partly frozen.  Lake Michigan that is...
So no suntanning or salty rimmed margaritas included, just a nice little break from my Minneapolis life back in my hometown visiting with family & friends.
Beach cartwheels were necessary even though it was chilly!
I'm looking forward to visiting with my nephews tomorrow but so far I've been able to soak up lots time with my sister Holly and my niece Brynn!
That little blondie is just the cutest AND she's not afraid of me anymore :) my extra auntie hours paid off!

Hope those of you also on Spring Break are spending it somewhere warmer and if you're at home I hope you get out for some fun with family & friends!  Either way, it feels good to get a break from the normal routine right?

How are you spending your Spring Break this year?

If you aren't hitting a hot sunny beach, what do you enjoy doing (shopping, working on a project, night out with friends, etc.)?

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