Monday, June 23, 2014

Tree Troubles

Alex and I got one project done over the weekend that we have been putting off for a while.  Well  maybe that isn't the right way to say it, I guess we had been in denial and it took us a while to accept the sad obvious truth in front of us- Our poor little post-tornado tree is dead and it's time to cut it down.
Alex and I happily planted this little tree after the 2011 tornado.  It felt really special to us because it was part of the rebuilding following the tornado and was sort of a sign of new beginnings.
See that excited hopeful smile?  Makes me sad seeing it now knowing our tree didn't make it, ugh!
I thought we'd get to watch it grow each year.  Might seem silly, but I am really bummed about it.

Once springtime arrived in Minnesota, I started watering it, watching it, and inspecting it.  Meanwhile, I watched all of the other little trees neighbors planted post tornado start to bloom, ours just sat there all sad and leafless :(  we aren't sure if the harsh winter did it, or if we didn't water it enough in the fall, or if we just planted it in a bad spot.  But it was pretty clear that our little tree wasn't coming back.
Alex had wanted to cut it down for almost a month now, but for a while I kept saying, "but what if it comes back?  Should we wait?"  He let me wait/accept that it was dead and finally cut it down yesterday.

We would like to plant another tree, so if you have suggestions on types (especially ones that will survive the crazy cold Minnesota winters) please let us know!  

We'll probably plant the tree in a different location in our yard, but any other helpful tree tips or ideas would be great!  I hope we have better luck with the next one, we'll see?

Aside from our tree troubles, I finished up our wood patio furniture this weekend too so I'll share that next!  So excited we can finally use it again, be sure to stop back to see it!

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  1. We are quite happy with the two trees we got from the Tree Trust: a crabapple and a serviceberry. Both have an abundance of white blossoms in the spring and red fruit in the summer/fall. Both have grown quite a bit the past two or three summers, despite drought conditions in 2012 and last winter's chill!


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