Friday, August 22, 2014

Our Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Five years ago today, Alex and I married one another.  Sadly, I wish I could say that (today) Alex and I were celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary together but due to the apocalypse of work travel, Alex is across the pond in Europe once again.  Wa-wa.

Perhaps because I am on my own and have had too much time to noodle on the meaning/thought/significance of this day but it made me think about my life before marriage and that after it, nothing at all has been the same- and I am very thankful for that.  I look back at Alex and I then and now... Knowing what our hopes and dreams were and now knowing where we ended up five years later and it's kind of surreal.

You say "I do" that day based on your love for one another, faith, and (hopefully) how you've envisioned/discussed the life you want to have together but still, you don't know how things will play out years after that day but today -five years later- I feel incredibly thankful for the adventure Alex and I have been on since joining our lives together.  It's complicated, fun, challenging, rewarding, fulfilling, etc.  Really it's everything... it's the greatest gift I feel I've ever been given in life. 
So forgive me for being cheesy, but since my groom is time zones away I wanted to post this little anniversary surprise and say- Happy Anniversary My Love!  Thank you for making everything in life more amazing because I'm sharing it with you.  Hope you can put up with me for a few more years :)


I know all the travels, birthdays, filming stuff, anniversaries, and all un-house/DIY stuff might have been making things dull for a while but I'm ready to get back into business!  I'll be posting pics of the sunroom this weekend and the fun piece of wall art I picked up in Hong Kong!  Fun house stuff ahead, hope to see you back soon!  

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  1. Happy Anniversary! You have the same wedding date as my parents, who celebrated their 50th yesterday!


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