Thursday, September 25, 2014

Time for a Furniture Refresh?

 It's been a while since I last shared new photos of our Living Room during my "Five Year Refresh Week", but I've seriously been thinking about a furniture refresh ever since when it comes to our couch/sofa situation- and I mean seriously like it's officially scribbled in on my to-do list.

Currently, we have a leather sectional that we purchased in 2008 when we lived in our condo downtown. It actually was the first big furniture purchase we made together (awww!) and it still is a very nice sofa...  but as you may have noticed, that sectional doesn't fit into our living room due to the sofa/chaise positioning and we have been using each section separately.  If we had purchased the sectional with the opposite layout- chaise on the right, sofa part on the left (facing the sectional); it could have worked in our house just fine.  - wa-wa -

Yep.    I know.    It's kinda really janky :(  

Perhaps we had grown "house blind" to how odd it probably looks to everyone else?  Regardless, we've come to the realization that it's time pull the trigger on buying a (real) new sofa! 

I have been digging the look of the Chesterfield style sofas and thankfully, Alex is onboard with this look too... Ahhh, always feels like magic when we just happen to agree on design/style choices!  Really though, there's something nice about that classic tufted look that seems to fit our style...
Images via The Rustic Modernist | The Little Green Notebook | Veranda Interiors | Pinterest | Elle Decor | Pinimg | 47 Park Avenue
I've been doing a lot of online research but I hope to get out and do a little shopping this weekend to see what my options are.  As for our current/old sofa, we will likely list it on Craigslist since we can't fit it anywhere else in the house.  Kind of a bummer but at least we can use that money towards a new one!  Now, I'd love to hear your ideas/suggestions/recommendations since this is a larger purchase, ya'll better give me some tips...

Where would you shop for a new sofa?
Would you buy online without seeing it in person?

A special thanks goes out to our friend Amber for keeping it real and telling us that our sofa situation is strange :)  we always appreciate your wise insight... and Alex always knows you are right :) you have secret mind powers!

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  1. I'm generally leery of purchasing big ticket items online. I did however, purchase a sofa/chaise longue sectional from a department store online, and it was exactly as I hoped. I measured the living room area three or four times to be sure the size was right, and probably checked the color swatches a billion times, but it was worth the time investment. I think I felt fairly confident about the purchase also because the couch was US built, and my experiences with the US made products in the last five years or so have been very positive.


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