Monday, October 6, 2014

Pumpkins and Our Fall Bucket List

Good news!  I was able to get my fall fever to go down a little bit :)  but in case you missed my last post-  I say that because I finally did a wee bit of fall decorating at home.  It's not a lot but the simple switch-er-oo I did to the decor on our dining room sideboard really added the touch of fall I felt like we were missing.

I picked up two green Fairytale/Cinderella pumpkins at Trader Joe's for $6.99 each and a mixed herb plant for $7.99 and then added one of the chalkboards we made with a scrap piece of plywood.  My favorite detail of it all is the "fall bucket list"we added on the chalkboard...
I've seen a few "fall bucket lists" on Pinterest used in fall decor and thought it was a fun idea!  You know how much I love crossing off a to-do list :)  at least it will be fun to-do's to complete this fall!

All and all, just mixed shades of green against black and white with a hint of the warm copper.  Simple but still seasonal!  Maybe it will get a little spookier too as we get closer to Halloween, we'll see!

What's on your Fall Bucket List?
What are your other fall favorites this year?

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  1. Like your color palette--maybe a bit more copper?
    Add: cozy throws, hot apple cider, and jumping in leaf pile


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