Monday, October 27, 2014

Salvaged Souvenirs Straight From Amsterdam

Happy Monday everybody!  [Side note: whenever I hear or say that I think "really, is it?", does anyone else do that too?]  Anyway, I think today is a happy Monday because I have Alex back home!  He returned from Amsterdam this weekend and being the sweet husband that he is, he brought home a thoughtful little surprise for me-

Yes, a set of salvaged European speed limit signs with a authentic worn finish- I love them!  He picked these up at a salvage store just outside of Amsterdam called Neef Louis (which means Nephew Louis). 
Alex's cousin Jaimi brought him to this neat salvage & vintage shop knowing it's the kinda place we like :)  His/our cousin Jaimi lives in Amsterdam with her hubby Arnaud and their two kiddos Mila & Remi so Alex also got to stay with them during his trip....
Left: Alex enjoying a local brew with Jaimi (not pictured, darn!); Right: Alex with their kiddos Remi and Mila
I was so excited that he brought home a little piece of Europe for me :)  
Now, I just have to figure out what I want to do with them...

What would you do with the 4 signs?
Would you just mount on a wall?
Or, would you repurpose them in a unique way?

I'm about to do some noodling on Pinterest, but I'd love it if you have ideas to share!  I'm all ears, help!


  1. Love the signs! And the salvage store is an amazing find.

  2. It's hard to tell the scale from the photos. How large are they?

  3. Hang them on wall as is, put legs on them and make them little side tables- perfect for a glass of wine!, attach to crates and use them for storage?? Loads of ideas!

    1. Thanks for the great ideas Alicia! I like the idea of attaching them to some of the crate I have, I might do that! For now I did hang them on a wall by our back entry, but I think the crate idea might be more fun!


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