Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finally! Finished Sanding and Repainting the Table and Stools!

It sure wasn't as easy as it sounded!  But finally, I am done with the table and stools in the nook!  I got started last Sunday on this project, and it took longer than expected.  Didn't help that I was feeling a little under the weather this week, so I had to take some nights off of painting, but here it is! 

Then, after spending a day sanding and a few nights painting, here is the after!

So nook went from this...
 To this...
and finally to this...
Which looks much better with the other side of our kitchen...
I'm also thinking the antique ladder we found on our last junkin' adventure will stay in the nook as well.  I think it is cute in the space and looks nice to our DYI antique chalkboard.
Well, now back to finishing up my chair cover project!


  1. looks very very nice and yes the lil ladder fits in there to the T

  2. Looks amazing! Such a huge difference painting them white. Great job and hope you are feeling better!

  3. Paint DOES do wonders. Wonderful job. Now rest those arms.

  4. I love your little breakfast nook / dog eating area!

  5. Wow! This looks so nice! What a change you made by taking out the cabinets and painting your furniture. It looks great. I'm visiting from Modern Country Style. Have a great day! Pamela

  6. Your new look in the nook is beautiful! What a difference from the original room! It all goes so well with the vintage radiator, too. The rich color on the walls is fabulous! Very, very pretty!
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. Hey lovely,

    How are you? I've been thinking about you and I so hope you're all recovering from the shock of the tornado over there - quite apart from having to get everything ship-shape again. xxxxxx

    I love the rooms you share, Carla. All your touches bring your house alive!


  8. I love the richness of the wall colour with the white, and love the additional texture of the stool.
    (visiting via Modern Country Style's link party)

  9. I saw on another blog where the lady put some kind of wine lable print on the barstools...that would look cool in here for "wine tasting" love this nook...isnt it funny how small spaces add so much character!


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