Sunday, February 27, 2011

Easy Linen Striped Decorative Pillow How-To

I'm patting myself on the back for making this cute little pillow today!
I owe the idea to Kimberley at Resortation House, here is a photo of her version.
Last week I linked up our DIY Vintage Inspired Crate to the Lettered Cottage's How-To's Day. I found Kimberley's how-to and just couldn't get the idea out of my head!  Her how-to steps are a little more detailed than mine, but here are the steps I did to create this pillow cover.

The fabric I used is the same linen-like fabric I used for my numbered chair covers.  I started by measuring out where I wanted the stripe placed.
 I picked up Tulip's Matte Soft Fabric Paint and Foam Brushes from JoAnne's to paint the stripe on the fabric.
 It was my first time using fabric paint and it went on so easily!
 Here is a shot when I was almost done painting the stripe. I have to give a Western Michigan University shout out here since I was sporting a sweatshirt from my alma mater in the picture (GO BRONCOS!).
 Next, I hemmed the top and bottom edges of the fabric.
 Here is a look at the hemmed edge. (and I hope you can see the texture in the fabric, it's not just solid white!)
 Then I folded it up to sew the pillow sides.  Note- I did an envelope closure on the pillow, this ensures that when flipped right side out, the flap you see at the top would be folded into the closure.
 Before I show the final look, I have to show the other pillows in our living room (and why the new one is a perfect match!).
 I have numbered pillows from Pottery Barn and just love them!  They are on a heavy woven fabric with black numbers printed on one side, and the word and definition on the back.
So once I got the insert into the pillow and set the completed pillow on our armchair I was just amazed!  How perfect does it look?!?
 Makes the room and style so wonderfully!  It was so simple to create and I am so happy with my new pillow!  Thank you again Kimberley!
PS- If you are following along in our Spare Room Project, here is a sneak peek at something else we were working on today for those Vintage Inspired Crates!  Will do a post about the finished product this week!


  1. It turned out great Carla Marie! I am so glad you tried it out, it really goes well with your other pillows. Awesome job!

  2. Simple yet adds a nice touch, complimenting the rest of the room. I've been on the hunt for new pillows for some time...I just may try this.

  3. Carla - You always do such a beautiful job! I love your pillow. I love your entire house, actually. lol I look forward to seeing the vintage inspired crates! Sounds like something I'm going to love too. :)

  4. Carla, I came over here to see your pillow and read your directions on making the pillow and as a non sewing person I have to tell you your instructions are not easy to understand. You don't give a step by step on how to make the envelope. For people like me who do not sew, we wouldn't be able to do this following your instructions. Just thought you'd want to know. BTW, your pillows are all darling. Thanks


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