Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Craft Night Series #2: Personalized Decorative Cutting Boards

It is Craft Night #2 in our Holiday Craft Night series: Decorative Cutting Boards!

This time around, I got to host!  I had fun setting up a cute little display on our sideboard for the group!
Can you tell I hosted?  The menu is mainly cheese and cheese related foods :)

As the host, I also had to choose a craft for the group.  While I was at Michael's Arts & Crafts, I stumbled upon these little wooden cutting boards for $2.95 each.
I thought if I got a couple for craft night we could all decide how we wanted to decorate them and use as decor in our kitchens (not sure they would be safe to actually eat off of). 
The crafting group was a little smaller this time (schedules are tough this time of year) but I was able to round up my good gal pals Betsy & Chrissy for the crafting!  Betsy and I used my trusty Miniwax Special Walnut stain for our boards (the same stain I used on my DIY vintage styled crates I made in February) ...

Chrissy decided to make hers into a chalkboard, so she grabbed a can of my Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint (funny, turns out I have TONS of that in my basement from past chalkboard projects!).  Here's the action shot, sorry it is super blurry!
Did you spot the "Where's Rocco" in that picture?

Here's Betsy in action slathering on the wood stain.  Oh, and yes, we are in our dining room- if you do this at home too, I suggest opening a few windows right when you start, or do it outside.  We definitely were overwhelmed by the paint fumes!  Ooops!!!
Then I got out my collection of stencils and we all started to make our designs.  I thought Chrissy's was really clever!  Even though she made a chalkboard, she still stenciled on a design with white paint.
We all stenciled our text/ design in with pencil, then got out the paint brushes and carefully filled in the design.
Here's my close up in action!
After we were finished up, we let them dry and had a nice little break for food, wine, and chatting!
Here's a look at our final projects!
Betsy's stained and printed board features "Kitchen West"- which is a funny "fancy" nickname for their kitchen.  I guess they cook enough yummy food that their friends refer to their home in a restaurant style fashion... At least Betsy has a sign to go with it now :) 
Hmmm, I want a fancy nickname for my kitchen too now!  If you have ideas let me know!

Chrissy's features their last name initial along with their wedding date...awww!

Lastly, here is mine.  I just did a simple stripe along with a number.  I have lots of numbers through out the kitchen and dining room (including my numbered chair covers!), so I thought it would work out nicely in the decor.

Again, just as a disclaimer in case you make one, I am not sure if food can be consumed on these so use them only as decoration!


So that's it! What did you think of Craft Night #2?

Have you made a yarn wrapped wreath from Craft Night #1??? 

Or, have you started a Craft Night group of your own???

I'd love to hear about it! 
Hope everyone is having a splendid week!


  1. Hey lady! Love your farts and craft project. You've got such a good eye for this stuff. I just linked you up in my recent post about thrifting. I finally checked out Hunt and Gather in South Mpls. I can't remember if you've been there before. It's an awesome place! I linked up the post you wrote about Bauer Bros. We definitely need to get back there sometime. Did you see that Mr. Goodwil Hunting is announcing another "I Heart Thrifting" day? We will have to get t-shirts this time and hit up a couple places again.

  2. What a FUN idea! LOVe them all! I wanna come to craft night!!

  3. Fun craft night idea :) Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  4. So glad to have found you - love your style! Been poking around the blog and see some great ideas here. Stop by when you get a chance! Following along!

  5. I love the idea of an Arts & Crafts night! I only wish my best friend didn't live half way across the country =( I'm on the NC Outer Banks and she's in Illinois.

  6. What a great craft idea! LOVE IT! This one I'm definitely going to have to try! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Yes, I think it was just acrylic or craft paint. It wasn't food safe, so if you want it to be food safe you have to pick something different I think.


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